Co-Worker saves life of man she’s never met


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Co-Worker saves life of man she’s never met - News Channel 5

Woman donates kidney to co-worker

The brown cardboard boxes pass through the hands of Mark Hudson at a dizzying pace, one after another headed to all corners of Tennessee. If only the contents of one of them contained the kidney Mark needs to save his life.

The sounds from the roaring conveyor belts inside this Franklin UPS shipping facility are often so loud it’s near impossible for workers here to talk, let alone carry on any kind of meaningful conversation. Which is why, until recently, most of Mark’s colleagues didn’t know that this 55-year-old man needed a kidney transplant, or he may die.

“I’m just worn down. I’ve been trying to hang in there for the last year and a half but I’m drained and I have no energy,” Mark says as he stands in the narrow space between shelves, packing boxes in the back of a brown UPS truck.


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“I guess it still hasn’t really sunk into me yet. There’s a piece of her in me.

God great story. Thanks for sharing it! So many good jokes to come with that guys response to her kindness.