Coach Schembechler Passes Away


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WOW! On the eve of the biggest Ohio State/ Michigan game I can remember in years. Being in the south and raised on southern style football, can't say I was fan of Michigan but one thing down south is we respected coaches like Bo who were considered icons.

Hearts and prayers to family, friends, and fans of Wolverine football. If these 2 teams can top the WV/Pitt game I watched last night, then tomorrow should be a barn burner.

Schembechler dies after collapsing during television show -


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What a tragic time for the Schembechler family. College football fans lost a true icon, a great man of passion and character. I grew up (and still love my OSU football) being a Buckeye fan and hating the Wolverines but had total respect for what Bo made the progrom to be. The college football world will miss him greatly. I am sure he and Woody enjoyed the game yesterday together more than ever. Again we say "good-bye" to a great man.


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Speaking of the game and Bo. Here's a clip from someone who was there last night after the buckeyes won...

I was in the second row from the field. Good time for sure!

OSU Vs. Michigan Celebration

My video quality is ok....just used my digital camera for it.