Contract Extension-NOT

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by brown666, Jul 11, 2002.

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    If we do not have a contract in 10 days, we are looking at an extension. I feel an extension is bad for everyone involved. The IBT and UPS need to get serious, ASAP. Most in my work group will work at a different pace, if we do not have a decent contract before July 31.Hint: the pace will not be faster!!Share the wealth today!!!
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    I see your point about an extension being "bad for everyone involved". Why would anyone want to continue to recieve a paycheck and benefits while the details of a contract are worked out.

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    I for one will not slow down or perform my job any different than I do now no matter the outcome of the contract. Sometimes pay and benefits are not the only thing in a job. Personal pride and a sense of accomplishment is good for the soul. I have a whole laundry list of issues with UPS but I try to never let that effect the job I do for my customers. Whether UPS appreciates it or not I like going home everyday knowing I gave it my best because this translates into other areas of life and tends to motivate and feed on itself. If your job is incapable of doing that for you then I'd be looking for another career. Also the harder we work, the easier it is for the Teamsters to make a good case for better pay and benefits come contract time. Has anyone ever considered that what slows down the talks the most is the union asks for something based on best performance but the company is able to throw back in the union's face all the slackers out there that don't come "TOO" work whether on the clock or not! Hoffa wants to limit forced overtime and much of the talks has covered this. Has anyone ever thought that if we all did our jobs much of this overtime might diminish greatly all by itself? It also would make the areas of poor management stand out and then let the union push that issue which forces the company to deal with it. The problem is so obvious even the company can see the drain on the bottom line and many of the poor managers would shape up or ship out. Also many drivers work extra long hours because of slackers who don't carry their weight so you slowing down will only translate into another union brother having to pickup your work. Some brother you are!

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    You're absolutely right about most workers having a real sense of pride in doing their share of the work each day, and doing it in a quality way.

    When your co-workers lose their sense of pride and their sense of work ethic, everyone will be in big trouble. Eventually the guys who are carrying the poor performers will give up and it will all collapse.

    You guys all know people who you would not willingly work with, and they are not all on the other side of the fence. Yet the system protects them, doesn't it?

    Our local UPS driver is top-notch, and due to retire in a couple more years. I wish him the best of luck. I hope the next guy is just like him.
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    Things will be back to normal if UPS wants to share the wealth. It goes without saying that UPS can afford the best contract ever! 90% of the drivers do an outstanding job, 10% do a less than stellar performance.I am a 90%er! This contract should have been settled weeks ago. A contract extension is out of the question because it leaves the whole situation in limbo, which means, more parcel diversion.I look for something big to break this weekend!!!