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    what are the differences between the three aggreements. The master the supplement and there is one more i think it called the rider but im not sure.
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    As a Teamster and employee of UPS, you are part of a collective barganing agreement. This agreement has three (3) parts.

    1) National Master Agreement
    2) A Conference or Region Supplemental
    3) A package and Sort Rider

    Now, while all three parts of this contract apply, there is one single rule to remember. "No employee shall be denied the right to superior language contained in any rider, supplement or addendum"

    This is important as the Riders and Supplementals can supercede the national agreement. Its important to read the National master and see how it apllies to your classification, then read your supplemental and riders and see if "superior" langauge exists for your classification.

    All three are good tools to learn. All are equally important.

    Hope this answers your question.

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    The master, as the name implies, is the main governing body of our contract across the United States. Where as the supplemental is a regional contract, as in the western states for example. The main reason for this is to address such issues as state laws, geographical economic climate, cost of living…etc..Etc. The rider is further a fine-tuning of local issues pertaining to full-timers & part-timers, which has addendum’s that are further negotiated on a case-by-case basis for similar reasons as the supplemental. This is a general, very vague explanation of what these are, I realize. Perhaps somebody else will articulate it better.