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  1. Jimmyb31

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    Is there a way to find the union contract on here? Thanks for any info

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    I WANT ONE!!!!!
  5. It's two and a half times the size of the regular one. Plus it's laminated.
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    Whered you get it?
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    Once again. I WANT ONE!!!

    Ill PM you my address.
  8. The books will be out soon.
  9. Harry Manback

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    He's connected.

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  10. 10 point

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    Although amnesia develops when management reads it.
  11. Then they need some good union men to re learn them.
  12. 1989

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    That's not a contract then. It's a manual.
  13. Ron Carey lives on

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    My management team already have the cliff notes version. It focuses on 4 years to top out for new drivers, two 8 hours a month, 18 months til part timers to receive insurance. Coverage drivers unable to file 9.5 s unless they are on the same route for 5 days.

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    I'm gunna need a bigger lunch box.