Contrarian View - What Can Brown Do for Your Portfolio?

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    Contrarian View - What Can Brown Do for Your Portfolio? - Schaeffers Research

    Technically, the fourth-quarter results from UPS seem to have benefited the shares. The equity is bouncing back from its recent slump, and the stock's 10-day and 20-day moving averages have been pulled into a bullish cross. Plus, UPS is poised to close the week atop its 10-week and 20-week trendlines for the first time since last October, which could be a positive development for the shares.
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    I stopped watching UPS stock a long time ago because it was to depressing. To get me back to happy times I watched the Evening News instead!


    Seriously, since we went public out revenue and profit have moved forward but the stock has just never made any major breakout like say FedEx has for example. I'm not talking about breaking $100 per share but at some point you'd think the squeeze of rev. to profit to share price would move the stock forward. I still think we lack the ability to show our vision to Wall Street but when you over sell PAS and other moves that never bring the return promised, I can understand the reluctance of WS to push us forward.

    Why don't we just tank the stock to $25 per share, buy it all back and go private again!

    I'm game.
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    Fed-X Rules