Cop poses as UPS in marijuana bust

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    Cop poses as UPS in marijuana bust - Galveston Daily News

    John Blackwell traded in his blue uniform for a brown one Friday afternoon to make a first-class delivery that was also a third-degree felony.
  2. hoser

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    2-10 year term, $10 000 fine, $50 000 bond for possession of 5-50 lbs of pot. wow.:mellow:
  3. over9five

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    I would have a huge problem if I was the UPS guy that the cop filled in for. Next time I'm delivering, now the crackheads are wondering if I'm a cop. Unlike the cop who was undoubtedly armed, I am not.

    Let the cops do their job without using a UPS uniform. For OUR safety!
  4. toonertoo

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    My thoughts exactly. They know it is going to be delivered, let them get a warrant to go there after my delivery with their warrant so the consignee knows we are not one in the same person. It really puts us in grave danger. Geez, I wonder how they got permission so quickly to commandeer our truck, and get a uniform?
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    I agree tooner we had this same thing happen here, only they did go after the delivery was made and driver was nowhere around, makes you wonder what they would think getting something like thatdelivered if they even suspected us as officers. Think about it most all of us have the clean shaven face and short hair kind of like the police, assumption could get us seriously hurt or worse. I guess a big thankyou ( sarcastically ) is given to the cops involved and the UPS center that let it happen.
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    Very good point. I don't know why the police couldn't just do a controlled delivery through the courier; I don't see how having a cop deliver the goods makes a difference, the signature is enough of proof of receipt. Even from a legal perspective, having a 3rd party (UPS courier) deliver makes a more solid case.

    Stupid cops.
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    I have had the same thing happen several times on my old run. I eventually gave it up because I would go to lunch and come back and find threats left in writing after 2 particularly large busts were made.
    I was aware of one bust but at least two others were done through LP with uniforms provided by the company without any word being passed to me.
    This was a small one driver town-and I was seen as a narc that needed to go. UPS did absolutely NOTHING to protect me after the fact and sentiments were so bad that I let go of the run on the next bid.
    The notes were "You are dead,You are a narc,We will get you for what you did" and so on. I NEVER ONCE did anything to discover a package, this was done through Loss Prevention.

    My point is this: We all know that we get a package like this from time to time. It will happen. But UPS needs to quit handing out uniforms to the police and exposing the drivers to danger on the streets without something in place to protect us.

    I used to deliver a bar that was the number one place for crack sales in the entire county. I finally caused a huge uproar when I refused to go there anymore. The sheriff deputy told me not to go there unless I was armed-and he put that in writing. I signed a letter allowing my supervisor to deliver that stop with me ever being able to file a greivance and the boss went nuts!
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  8. toonertoo

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    While I am not short haired, and usually well shaven, I am the only female driver in this county. I would go on stress related leave if it happened to me. Even if you dr it, and the authorities are watching, I would think that would be proof enough. Ive seen it enough times how they run out to get the load left on the porch, how about busting them once they drag it inside and start bagging it for resale. Not rocket science.

    Ive also seen people not wanting to be bothered with "what I think is in a pkg". So when I wont deliver a pkg where the street is spelled wrong and they ask me why I didnt attempt it, I just say I dont paid to think.

    The veteran drivers know whats drugs.

    Unless the DEA is in the building it goes out. They used to be there alot, Now not unless they get a tip. Scary times we live in. We could keep so much off the street.
  9. hoser

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    You know a cop's case is weak with respect to possession of pot (why the hell are they bothering trying to prosecute this is beyond me) when they need UPS to act as a mule to provide the dope.

    I'm suprised that this is occuring in an unionized shop and no mention is made of this in the collective bargaining agreement. This is a workplace issue. Meth heads don't remember faces, they would just remember brown...


    IT WAS WRONG FORTHE COMPANY TO DO THAT it endagers all of us are we cops or upsers. and the driver of that route is not gonna be hailed as a here with our wonderfull new so called soicety. me id file a grivance get 8 hours for a non unioun non employee doing my job.