cornerstone, anyone?

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  1. solitarysiren

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    Hi all,

    I'm a pt preload sup in reno and i'm teaching cornerstone now. i was just wondering if anyone else is in cornerstone to talk about different teaching techniques/activites, etc. or, if anyone has input on what would be helpful during cornerstone training, that would be great, too.

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    Why do you care? Nobody above you does.
  3. helenofcalifornia

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    What's Cornerstone?
  4. Griff

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    A neat word a paper-jockey thought up to make training sound really important and meaningful. :thumbup1:

    I'm pretty sure it's training on how to load trailers properly. I've heard the term before but I might be wrong.
  5. not for nothing guys but this part time supe is actually trying to do his/her job. I think that deserves some credit at least. I think if some of us were actually trained (preloaders/loaders) things would go a little more smoothly. I got next to none. I had 1 day in the "cornerstone" classroom and then was sent out to load the brownies. This is before PAS (while I detest PAS I won't argue that its easier to learn). So I went out blind. The drivers helped me more than anyone.

    I'm off to work the sat. sort, enjoy your weekends
  6. over9five

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    "...but this part time supe is actually trying to do his/her job."

    I agree! Beware of the tough crowd, Solitarysiren!
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    I also received no cornerstone training. I read the book really quick once before they snatched it away(so you dont know what youre supposed to be trained on) And I noticed it was 5 days. Mine was 1 hour and it was the preload manager telling us how to lift and how it was too busy for us to start today so go home and come back the next day to work. :)
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    About twenty peaks ago, working on the local (night) sort, we had a new hire who happened to be a cocky, little Doctor's Kid. Well Roy just could not catch on to loading a trailer, and the other seasoned loaders and splitters would have to stop doing their job and jump up into the trailer and work with him. Day after day it was the same, untill my good friend Jamel just couldn't take it anymore. Now Jamel was a street smart 250lb, 6'2" man of solid body builder muscle. Jamel yelled out, "Roy didn't you ever play with blocks when you were a kid?" Roy looked startled at Jamel's outburst. Jamel then said, "Roy, just stack those packages like toy blocks when you were a kid." Roy just continued with a bewildered gaze. Then Jamel sarcastically said, " Roy I'm sorry....I forgot you had the butler do it for you." Well I about peed myself from laughing, and Roy turned red and wanted to take a swing at Jamel. Roy wasn't asked to stay at UPS after peak. Moral of story-Loading a trailer at UPS isn't for everybody, and Roy is now a lawyer.
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    Great story about Roy & Jamel. A common man with common sense should always prevail!
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    It sounds like headstone.
  11. RedYeti

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    Hey SS,
    I taught Cornerstone for about 6 months before moving to TSG and I loved every minute of it. I still follow my 'students' UPS career. Many are sups now. One thing I always did was have a trivia game that covered the material, obscure fun stuff was the best. Day one 5 questions, day 2 10 questions, day 3 20 questions with an extra credit option. That was usually some headline on UPSers they could look up and bring in. Then I tallied the predetermined score and they got a pizza party if they got all of the points. I gave extra points if all of them wore boots all week. I always found a way to get the group pizza of course, some of the groups were knuckleheads.

    That was my motivation technique and it usually worked well. I always wondered what other regions/districts did for Cornerstone. I was given carte blanche to do whatever I wanted so it was my baby.
  12. solitarysiren

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    Thanks for the first helpful reply! A point system sounds good. right now I have a T/F habits thing (I think it actually came with the MOP) and a fill in the blank safety methods thing (copied from the hub book). I've been trying to do something more interactive, since I know how crappy it is to wake up when it's still dark and have to watch dull movies all morning. i mean, i have to watch them, too, lol. I'll see how i can work something like this into the curriculum. it's difficult to get pizza at 4:30 in the morning, though. maybe something else. I usually make the class coffee if they want it. now with the cold weather, i make hot chocolate.

    as for the other response thus far, Yeah, I take pride in whatever I do. Whether it's UPS or not. Unfortunately, people seem to think i'm crazy for wanting to do better than a half assed job. maybe i am, but at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that i did my best.

  13. If more supes had the attitude you do they wouldn't have the rep they do with most of us