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    That would be funny.
    I wish he was there tomorrow morning when I get reamed for going over 12 hours today.
    Hell it's not my fault.I had no missed,all my air back on time,maybe I was overdispatched?
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    Awesome ! Too bad I missed that episode.
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    UPS facilities are crowded, dirty, chaotic, noisy places full of conveyor belts and equipment and people running around and big loud trucks that get crammed full of boxes. To someone like Scott Davis with no personal knowledge of or experience in the shipping industry, it could be overwhelming.

    Fortunately for Scott, his handlers and yes-men would never allow him to set foot in a UPS facility without first going there and setting everything up to be nice and neat and pretty for the visit. All of the cars would get washed, all the floors would get swept, all of the shoes would get shined. Every car would be loaded perfectly, and the operation would be over staffed to make sure there were no egress issues on the belt. No expense would be spared to make sure Scott saw what he wanted to see instead of the actual day-to-day reality of a UPS operation.