Counterfeit scam leaves UPS driver to foot the bill

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    Counterfeit scam leaves UPS driver to foot the bill - KXXV

    A truck driver is left with a $1000 bill, an innocent victim of a nationwide scam.

    A few months ago, United Parcel Service driver Karl Daniels unknowingly delivered bogus jerseys and tennis shoes to three people in downtown Marlin. He was then handed two counterfeit checks to pay for the knockoffs and is now left to pay a very expensive bill.

    "All of our drivers are trained to read the labels. The driver never read the label properly on the package. He took this to a grievance panel with a union and agreed with us," said Dan McMackin, Spokesman for UPS.
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    I hate Article 10 of the contract. It sucks.
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    At lease he didnt have to cover the full $20,000, but I still feel really bad for him. From the sounds of it there is no way he could have seen that the checks were fake.

    Just say no to CODs :)
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    "The driver never read the label properly on the package" indicates to me that he was supposed to collect certified funds for the COD.
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    he is only responsible if the label said certified check or money order. if not then he would be fine
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    drivers are not responsible for bad checks. Banks and phony customers should foot the bill!!!!:knockedout:
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    I never was trained on how to tell if a ck was counterfit or not; only thing we have to wory about is whether it says cert or not.
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    Maybe this is a sign for you to ask some questions with your boss or security supervisor. What you don't know can hurt you!!