Court orders judge to reconsider ruling on deaf truck drivers


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Court orders judge to reconsider ruling on deaf truck drivers - San Francisco Chronicle

A federal appeals court ordered a San Francisco judge on Friday to reconsider his ruling requiring United Parcel Service to give its deaf employees a chance to compete for jobs as drivers of small delivery trucks.

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 13-2 that U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson had used the wrong standard in his 2004 decision that UPS was discriminating against deaf people with safe driving records by refusing to consider them for commercial driving jobs.


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The Ninth Circus Court of Appeals overturned a San Francisco judge? What's next? The 9th advocating 2nd Amendment rights?


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Sorry, but UPS should not allow deaf people to drive, its a safety issue. Get rid of these Liberals, and start running this country right. They want to work, Work full time pre-load. Common sense people. How will they know they honked their horn when backing, or coming up to a house for delievery? Whats next, a little light telling them it made a sound?
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Excellent point Therodog.

Preloaders work in enviroment where belts and rollers are constantly churning and where hand signals are used to communicate anyway due to the noise level. There is no way a hearing impaired person would be allowed to drive even a non-dot vehicle. The liability issue would be forefront once one of these drivers is involved in a fatal or near-fatal wreck.