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    just a quick question as i cant seem to find my contract book.

    so last week i drove everyday as a cover driver for the first time. i normally drive on-call after my preload shift when needed.
    so anyway i understand that the starting rate is around 13.91? well what if i am making more than that? shouldnt i be paid my regular rate when i cover drive since i already make more than the starting rate?


    That rate isnt anywhere near what the going rate is. Were you just shuttling Air? Or was you actually delivering ground? 16.10 is the starting wage now. From what I understand though if you make more than the 16.10 you will be paid what you already make until progression comes into effect.
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    Depending on your location a senority part time employee starting as a reg temp starts at 75% of driver top rate.
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    If you're in Central Region it is 85% but anywhere close to that should be around 25 or 26 not 13. Check and make sure you are coded as 3C and not 3E on pay code.
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    READ your contract ......
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    ...he would but he stated in the first line of his post that he couldn't find his contract book.
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    I would bet that he isn't the only one in his building that has a copy of one...

    The OP needs to read his local rider and or supplement and see what it says. As we all know policies change from one local to another.