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    Yup, that about all we are hearing.
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    Yeah no news is not good news; look what it got us before.
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    Dave working on his stand-up again?
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    You would think someone would say SOMETHING.
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    The real winner has been the TDU, I bet their donations & new members are through the roof.
  7. Benben

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    You know the Company won't say a damn word. They got the IBT to grant an unlimited extension so the company can keep on doing exactly what its been doing the entire year........................running a business! Why in the world would UPS even want to entertain the thought of returning to the table?

    My question is exactly what the hell is the IBT doing for me for the money I pay them?!?!?! I pay you jack-wagons every check and have yet to see ANY return on my investment!!
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    Yeah, crickets. I'm planning to shoot my BA an email tomorrow basically asking WTF and where are all the details about ANYTHING. Don't expect much except the usual BS, but want to stir the pot a bit. Totally sickening and expected------
  9. Theking30

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    I believe we have heard more than you think. Here is what I think happened. Hoffa went to ups to talk about supplements and ups said you backed Obama care you fix it. So Hoffa along with other union presidents wrote a letter and told them they need to fix the health care issue.
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    They have bargained free medical, $12.90 in raises in the last 3 contracts, $10.46 mire for H&W to $22.64, to name a few. And your complaint is that you want some information? Why? So TDU can give everyone a scare? So FedEx can give customers a scare? How do you know that they are not meeting about the contract this very week? You also pay taxes, does the president need to tell you what is discussed with the FBI and world leaders?
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    If you look at the voting on the local and state riders, and then see how those voting blocks also voted on the national, it seems that the IBT has a lot of work to do. Changing a few words about peak season or harassment are not going to swing these votes which were in most cases 2-1 or worse against the national agreement. 88% at Louisville Air voted against the national! 89% of them voted against the rider! That is the obvious and strategically critical example, but if you look at the other riders that failed you will see similar trends. Western PA which has 9 locals had 87% vote against the national. In many parts of the country, people simply don't want anything to do with this proposed contract. Short of renegotiating health care, how is that going to change?
  12. PT Stewie

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    It would be nice to hear something from the IBT . I get asked every shift by people how do I answer ? Stay positive ?
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    And now you've uncovered the strategy.
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    My answer to the questions about the re-vote and raises


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    I do not understand why you can't admit any fault with the Hoffa/hall regime. They are not perfect.

    What do I want? I want to hear from Hoffa and hall. I don't need, nor really want a blow by blow commentary. I don't want to hear their strategy going into re-negotiations.

    What I would expect, and actually am looking for, is "We hear you, we are doing everything in our power to re-negotiate an acceptable supplement........we have talks planned.......we are going over the supplements with our lawyers and accountants....." Make me feel like you are doing something, rather then give the impression that they are doing nothing. I want to hear them just as loud as I heard them at the dog and pony show rally. JUST SAY SOMETHING.

    Its been almost a month since the votes were counted. In a week I will be working with an extended contract that can be withdrawn with 30 days notice.

    You mention the President. First, obviously he doesn't have a problem speaking, case in point, Zimmerman. That said, I do look for the President of the united states to give updates on issues that affect me directly. Every President usually give updates on ongoing negotiations/talks. Probably a big part of their job is offering reassurance and an idea of the direction of the USA.

    The silence is unacceptable and down right wrong. Again, not looking for a ton of detail. Just one god damn word coming from our president, OUR DAMN LEADER, would be far better then this. My dues certainly makes its way into his pocket, at the very least, spew a little Ra Ra Ra talk.


    I don't expect you to see this because I believe that, just as some drink the brown Koolaid, you have had a few to many sips of the Union juice.
  17. Very nice, King........very nice.
  18. Brownslave688

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    Yep most people I have talked to assume everything is done and they get a raise August 1 because they haven't heard anything.
  19. Benben

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    Was there a co-pay 4 contracts ago? What was the deductible 4 contracts ago? Their "bargaining" is a fail and your claim of "free medical" is a lie! The raises the last 2 contracts were less than previous contacts both in terms of raw % and in dollar amount. We went from being told, "no premiums" to part timers paying through the nose for insurance in less than 1 week and in that 1 week we flew all the BA's for a 2 man sit down and then had a claim that everyone endorses the contract.

    Yes I want some information! Every dues paying teamster is OWED that and the fact that Hoffa and company hasn't been heard from in weeks speaks volumes! Good god man, UPS just blamed the the teamsters for the lowered quarterly profits if not in so many words.

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    You play the market every day. You know how it works.