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    @4:10 I really wish I could answer her question.

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    That's easy. FedEx is not the service and results oriented organization it once was. The numbers game that has been implemented, combined with the lack of manpower, creates more mistakes and excuses than the previous company philosophy did.
  3. She was somewhat annoying to me. I couldn't figure out if she was talking about Express or Ground until she mentioned that it was a "temp" driver. She then started rambling about FedEx promising the world on time or whatever it was. That's one of the problems with this damn place..two totally different delivery companys operating under the same name. Either way..whoever it was, We've all misdelivered a package atleast once. It sucks. All you can do is own up to it. No one is perfect. Customer service at FedEx is a nightmare. She got that right for sure.
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    I like that. When I MISDEL, the first thing out of my mouth, even before the customer has open the door completely, is," Im Sorry, It was my mistake. I left you package at next street over and I'm really sorry". It's like using Niagara falls to put out a match. Their level of :censored2: goes from a 10 all the way down to 0 from my experiences. They just what someone in person to acknowledge the screw up.