Dark Shadows

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    As a teen in the late 60's and early 70's, this horror based soap-opera was an afternoon staple amongst the younger set but the name itself may now conjure a more sinister plot within our own gov't making Al Qaeda pale in comparison. Depending on who is really involved and how it washes out could vastly effect the legacy of the federal gov't for the last nearly 20 years and force another look back even further into the cold war era. I hope it does just that personally!


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    It's amazing that this hasn't been a bigger story. Oh wait, with all those Britany Spears stories to cover I guess there wasn't enough time for this...
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    So much for the "Liberal Bias Media" theory.

    Hey that reminds me ...MSNBC has suspended one of their own (David Shuster) after "pimping out" comments of Hillary's daughter. But I really bet those of you who believe in the liberal media theory wish it was Keith Oberman who was suspended...LOL

    Back to thread:
    It makes you wonder if this Administration (or fankly, any administration) has the ability to censor or de-sensitize domestic news coverage with some sort of leverage that doesn't reach out or penalize Int'l news organizations or have we become a nation more interested in papparazi news and Entertainment Tonight ?
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    I kinda have my own theories regarding this (you knew I would LOL!) and this regards your 2nd part as I could care less about MSNBC/Shuster/Oberman. If you however take NBC who's parent company if GE which is a major military contractor as well as supplier of equipment most often needed after wars and conflicts in the rebuilding process.

    Now do I say this clearly has an impact on NBC's reporting or that a major company like GE owning a major news media outlet could sway news reporting? I have no concrete answer but my gut tells me that from time to time there are conflicts. If Murdoch owning Fox has conflicts because of his views, then I'd say the same can be said for NBC, CNN with Turner in previous years and that goes for any media outlet.

    It's odd that last evening I watched a movie with Bruce Willis called Striking Distance (it was OK) but a certain high ranking police official was trying to cover up a problem and when a news reporter asked questions about an old case relating to some current situations, this high ranking police official told the reporter if they printed anything on the subject, he'd have the guy pulled off the beat.

    Ask the wrong question in a White House briefing and what happens? You don't get to ask another question and if you are a reporter for a major news outlet relying on face time, you get replaced because face time means relevance and relevance means ratings and rating drive ad money and ad money drive profits and profits drives stock price and, see where that all goes?

    I know a lot of people here don't like Bill Moyer but in the past looking back at his own major news media career he speaks of in effect the very same thing happening with gov't. Other news figures have eluded to this from time to time and to be honest I think it does happen. The internet is the leading driver of news and if you watch the major media, they let the internet drive the story in larger public scale and then and only then can they even consider asking questions and they usually are soft balls.

    Cheryl's first comment of
    has a lot of merit and it is amazing. But let me ask you and her this. I posted the first hints of this story back on 1/8 and a minor follow up on 2/5. What took you guys so long? Now I don't ask to tot my own horn but rather using you as a mirror of society as a whole. Did you guys just now look at this after I added another link to bump the story back up top or were you digesting it all this time?

    Again, nothing to do with toting horns, pointing fingers but just rather, why put down Britany Spears so to speak now and take a look? What caused you to finally look at this and give it thought? If we asnwer that about ourselves, we might begin to understand why this story is an almost non story here is the US even though it has huge implications even if only half true!
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    Because we have become a society of videos, pictures, and illustrations that captures visual drama, emotions, real time live events. However the down side with this scenario besides monetary purposes is the decline of society making a consertive effort gathering facts, info and research behind the scenes and beyond the video, front page or 1st paragraph. I find myself guilty lots of time with not reading thru the whole story relying on exerpts and footnotes. Unfortunatly , we rely on someone of importance or some castrophic event to raise a red flag and draw attention to a subject. Also, one may hold back speaking out or exposing the details, opinions and implications of a story on the expectation of being accused as a whistleblower, unpatriotic, or guilty by association.
    Unity is the only cure. Shred on!

    PS....The GE analysis does raise an eyebrow..good point
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    Diesel's right, I think lots of people in the US have developed short attention spans. Sometimes we only pay attention to the news stories with the most shiny objects and drama or maybe the best production values.

    When I'm reading a long political article sometimes it takes a while for the gravity of the situation it to sink in. I'm also sometimes guilty of reading the first and last sentence of some of the paragraphs and not giving an important topic as much attention as it deserves. I do that because there are 5 other articles I want to read before I cook dinner and the database still needs to be backed up and laundry needs to be folded and Tony asks me if I ever read that article that he sent me yesterday (and I didn't) and just then my daughter asks me to fix something on her website...
    :knockedout: <<<uh oh - it's brain overload again>>>

    As far as the bigger picture of society I also think that internet information overload plays a part, along with the overall dumbing down of much of the US broadcast media to present whatever content will bring in the most revenue for the least production cost.

    The major networks have pretty much eliminated foreign correspondents, you rarely see indepth coverage of anything on network news, they cover Britney, Paris and Lindsey because American's are becoming so apathetic and brain numbed by the fusion of entertainment with news that Britney brings in higher ratings to a news show than the real news stories do. Of course if we would quit paying attention to the crap they're offering and started demanding something of higher quality the worst of the media would have to raise their standards, but then most of us don't really care that much because we've got dinner to cook and a car to wash and (like me) more than a little streak of laziness and a dash of apathy.

    wkmac, I really appreciate the info, ideas and links you post here. Even though I don't comment often I think that I've read/watched most of the links you've posted, even though on some of the articles I only read the first and last sentence of some of the paragraphs.
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    cherylRe: Dark Shadows
    Diesels right... Sometimes we only pay attention to the news stories with the most shiny objects
    <--------------I love shiny objects:greedy:

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    Okay , now I've got someone else to blame for my intellectual laziness. I'm the product of the California public education system. Out here they don't even test to see if the public school teachers know how to read:

    Retired Teacher Reveals He Was Illiterate Until Age 48

    "John Corcoran graduated from college and taught high school for 17 years without being able to read, write or spell."
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    That is an unbelievable story but you have to admire (even though it was wrong) the man's creativity and inventivness to in effect, beat the system.

    Getting back to the issue of Dark Shadow's, I read an interesting op-ed http://www.antiwar.com/justin/?articleid=12358 that caught my attention especially in paragraph 12 of the piece. It concerns Ahmed Chalabi who was the inside voice that WMD existed only to be later vastly discreditied. Then we learn that Chalabi has direct links to the Iranians and the US gov't raided his Baghdad compound as a result.
    http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/meast/05/20/iraq.main/ Later and I man not much later, the whole thing just disappears from view. http://rpayne.blogspot.com/2004/08/investigations-update.html

    Now come to find out our Neo-Con boywonder is back in bidness!

    Here's a man who told us that Saddam had WMD which proved to be not true and then we learn he's working with an Iranian agent and on the outskirts of all of this are persons and events linked to weapons and nuke technology being passed to places it should not wit hallegations of it being persons within our own gov't and now just 2 months ago, this same person in back in US employ in a central role in Iraq.

    Am I the only one here whose ears are up when I see something like this going on?

    BTW: Justin wrote an excellent piece IMO using McCain as the launch point if you care or I should say dare read it! :wink2:

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    Valerie Plame speaks out about Sibel Edmond's allegations that Plame's CIA front B Jennings was outed to the Turk's by State Dept. offical.

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    As we continue this saga of "Blowback" foreign policy, now we come to learn this.

    As crazy as this may seem, the question begs to be asked of whether our foreign policy almost necessitated this act by India's concerns. I mean, India and Pakistan are not nice with one another, we've been more and more in bed with the Pakistani leardership and then as past info comes to light, seems that certain placed officials within our own gov't may have in fact either openly gave the Pakistani gov't weapons data and technology or at least supplied them with info in order to steer them clear of law enforcment efforts.

    What the true story is will likely take time and more details to figure out but IMO the same gov't policy of foreign meddling that has brought us many problems is again at work in another arena.
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    Sibel Edmonds & Luke Ryland interviewed on internet radio about the A.Q. Khan nuclear network and the CIA.


    One part of the interview Edmonds sez the following:

    I bolded and underlined a specific part that IMO fits in well with the points that Glenn Greenwald in his op-ed made on Newt that I posted in another thread.

    And let me pose a question to consider. Recently Bush announced plans to help/give/sell/assist the Saudis with nuclear technology. Peaceful power generation of course. But here's the real thought. Is it smart to give this kind of technology to the home country of not only some of the world's leading terrorist but the same country who supplied the large majority of 9/11 killers? What might we be creating for our children and grandchildren down the road in 20 or 30 years? If not sooner!

    Just a thought to consider.