Delivery Firms Rack Up Parking Tickets

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    Delivery Firms Rack Up Parking Tickets - Yahoo

    On a narrow street in lower Manhattan, delivery driver Godvell Merilus pulls his UPS truck alongside a curb and parks illegally.
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    Thank goodness we don't have that problem here. Especially when delivering downtown, the cops here are pretty cool. There are precious few unloading zones, so some streets are designated that we can park down the middle, straddling the double-yellow line (delivery trucks only) and some streets are designated that we can take stop in the right-hand lane, so long as we keep our hazard lights on. Sometimes a rookie takes offense, and goes to issue a ticket for it, but all it takes is a phone-call to the PD and he's on his merry way, no ticket.

    I think it all comes down to the fact that our management team struck a deal with the local chamber of commerce: if we cannot legally park within a certain distance of any given business, then that business can come pick up their own stuff at the center (otherwise we would be pushing a cart all day making 1/4 and 1/2 mile trips to and from the truck - we couldn't have that.) Needless to say, the chamber heard that and immediately pressured the PD into relaxing the parking standards downtown.:thumbup1: That's what all the old dogs tell me, anyway.
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    Major cities should give slack to delivery because business is what makes a city. It's bringing in revenue, tax, property tax, employment, employment tax earnings, etc..... off business and business can't function without deliveries, especially expedited. It's a neccesary evil for us to park were we do.
    When we are parked it is not for long!!
    We should be considered a Public Utility and be the exception!!
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    That is what the story says. It is illegal parking unless the driver is a courier and is parked less than 30 minutes. I am thinking UPS should spend Money on lobbying NYC to quit giving us bogus tickets and the saving of 102 mil a year could maybe help stop some pension cuts...
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    I understand that but tickets are still being writing and it's not just in New York. Some tickets Are still being giving in New york cause they don't fall in the agreement.
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    Basically both parties know that the most of the tickets are not legitimate. But by the time UPS spends money to get them dismissed, and the city spends money dealing with it, they both lose money, they came up with a plan where it is cheaper for UPS, and the money goes to the gity instead of people defending the company. Sounds to me as if the company should grow a set and sue the city..
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    Have you ever seen a USPS truck get a parking ticket?
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    of course not, they don't even have to register and plate their vehicles...