Delivery Robots Ready to Satisfy the On-Demand Economy


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Delivery Robots Ready to Satisfy the On-Demand Economy - Robotics Business Review

LAS VEGAS — 2016 was a good year for all three panelists at the “Delivery Robots Knocking at Your Door” session at the Consumer Electronics Show here this month. Each innovator in the first session of the Robotics Conference at CES 2017 has taken a different route to delivery robots, but their technologies and markets are maturing fast.

Starship Technologies is testing its ground-delivery robots in nearly 60 cities worldwide, Savioke’s room-service robots are in 50 hotels, and CyPhy Works is conducting tests of aerial drone deliveries with United Parcel Service Inc.

How did the founders of these companies assess their prospective user base, and what can we expect from delivery robots this year?


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Such a mixed bag here. Everyone wants cheaper and better products and services, but they also want a job that pays them enough to participate in that process.

Great news on the short term for companies that successfully automate. Bad news on the long term for anyone who used to work there.

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I hope their batteries are better quality than the ones in our diads.