Dem Debate Drinking Game


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Yang got thirty seconds, so far.

Biden looks sleepy.

I would totally bang Harris.

Sanders looks a minute away from a stroke.

Klobuchar has good ideas, she’ll never win.

Booker is bald and on ten, nobody cares.

Yang is being patient.

Buttijudge is not gonna make it.

Sorry kids.


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You have a strong stomach to be able to watch that.

Family is away...

We had the MASS SAVES Energy Contractors come out and blow insulation into our vapor barriers in the basement, etc. etc., on and on.

My house was built in 1931, so when they blew in the cellulose insulation between the walls, somehow there were ‘leaks’ in the upstairs bathroom and the first floor kitchen, and that cellulose :censored2: got everywhere.

Point being, I have tomorrow off and I’m on vacation next week.

Now, all I have to do is clean up the insulation residue.