Demand Rises for Talent-Management Software

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    Demand Rises for Talent-Management Software - Wall Street Journal

    Two years from now, Diana Hatcher knows she will be ripe for promotion to a more senior job at United Parcel Service Inc. Based on her most recent performance review, the company's talent-management system determined that she will qualify to advance by then if she gains experience in a different area within her department. Right now, her boss is helping her make the switch.

    Hoping to reduce turnover and increase worker satisfaction, companies are upgrading the way they manage, assess and share employee performance data. They are investing in Web-based software that tracks the progress of workers from the time they apply to work at a company until they leave.
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    ups's is one of the most cumbersome they could have come up with. There was a time when the boss would take you out for a bear or bite to eat for your career discussion. Now you go through numerous web pages assessing their strengths and weaknesses using HR contrived wording that you have to explain to most of your people. Good program for HR not so good for the people. Have someone close to retirement who has no career desires? too bad you have to go through this cumbersome exercise anyway. At this point we have gone through ours numerous times and we are still trying to figure out why the dang things won't close out.
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    Not only that but people either won't take it seriously or won't give quality data. I remember QPR (or whatever it was called) where everyone would race around getting their buddies to review them. I seriously doubt that any quality data came from that.

    I still stand by the old saying: "It ain't what ya know, it's who ya know".
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    My concern is;
    "They are investing in Web-based software that tracks the progress of workers from the time they apply to work at a company until they leave."

    This implies that the parameters that are set, in the software and the paradigm used, can replace the human aspect of a manager seeing(observing) how an employee reacts to the daily pressure.
    On all levels, except the higher echelon, this company is based on daily management skills.
    First, define what "tracks the progress" means, and then I can access the validity of the software.
    Software will only show a trend line based on given data, which has a limited value, if the parameters are incorrect.
    Using software is great.
    But, if this company is using it as a further consolidation tool of micro management, we are on a slippery slope.
    It might take some of the back biting and politics out of promotions, but I sincerely doubt it.
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    Its one problem with todays mangement philosophy that started back in the 90's. There was a time when this company taught management concepts based on the teachings of casey. We now tend to follow other trends and other philosophys. So if someone writes a book they want us to read it and adopt the principles. I could make a killing and probably should persue writing hokey management type books for corporations to buy for their people to read.
  6. freeloader

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    Automation is the name of the game. Just like PAS.
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    Through this style of automation, UPS will only create self replicating automon's.
    I'm an old school person that believes in the human aspect.
    There has yet to be a software program, or a super computer invented, able to calculate basic human instinct.
    I challenge any computer to be able to size someone up as quickly and accurately as a human can.
    It ain't all just numbers.
  8. rod

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    unfortunately at UPS it is "all numbers"
  9. tieguy

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    numbers measure the business.
  10. any122

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    Wall street measures the numbers!It's not looking good.