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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Lue C Fur, Jul 16, 2011.

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    [h=4]Tuberculosis, Leprosy, pertussis or whooping cough, dengue fever, Hepatitis, Chagas, Dysentery, Malaria[/h] [h=2]Democrats import illegal voters with communicable diseases[/h]
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    Dan savage didnt say "i wish all republicans were all f-ing dead"....

    He was responding to bill mahers assertion that repubilcans were like ARAFAT and savage responds with , "not really (like arafat) I wish they were all dead ( as in like arafat) comparision.

    Comparatively speaking that is.... arafat is dead, and if the republicans were to be like arafat, they would have to be dead.

    Funny how you focus on that statement, but leave out Bill Mahers excellent point on the budget deal....Maher hits the nail on the head and you ignore that and focus on some bad humor.

    Try focusing next time.

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    The jokes on Bachman and Santorum were funny, to the point and befitting both of their pandering personalities. I dont see the problem with the jokes.

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    Here's some facts; NO BUDGET and our country's leader has no plan to solve anything.
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    Nice attempt on the twist Mr Checker, but you stumbled on the first and second notes. Yes he meant republicans, democrats hate republicans more than the "arafat"s of the world. Maher's comparison had nothing to do with life or death

    Three notes in a row.......maher's comparison was about arafat's actions back then to the debt talks of today, which is ridiculous in of itself nothing mre than a change to attach a despicable person from the past to the republican party.

    No help on the fourth note either. The thread title is "Democrat hatred", not the budget, not 0bama nor life or death, we already have several threads going to discuss those other issues. Looks like it is you that needs to focus so you can stay in step (on topic). BTW, it it were not for bad humor, he would have no humor at all.
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    Are you really saying that the right is innocent of such unnecessary and unconstructive crap? That's actually what I would like to see from the repulicans, a Huntsman candidacy and constructive intelligent debate between the parties. Oh, the horror! That the two sides would be respectful and compromising?! Not happening and Obama looks to be the rational one and wins overwhelming support of the "independents".
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    Its not his job to do the speaker of the house's job BABA. Focus on that.

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    Retwist for you mr trip, maher was comparing how arafat was offered 97% of land and he refused to take it and comparing that to President Obama who has proposed the largests cuts along with tax revenue increases and the republicans wont take it.

    Thats the comparision that led into the joke.

    This thread was used to "confuse" the issue. This thread was trying to make out like Dan Savage just out of the blue decided to say that all republicans should be dead, and that wasnt the case keeping it in perspective.

    Its amazing how the republicans are getting their feelings hurt with these two clips, yet the majority of right wing candidates are showing racist implications in their speaches and pledges.

    Funny how they can dish it out but cant take it.

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    Liberals by their very nature are the most violent of political creatures. They are emotional, irrational, and illogical so combine those three qualities with them not getting their way and you have the stage set for violent rhetoric and possibly very violent behavior. It is largely liberals rioting in the streets in Greece. It was a liberal politician who told a group of union workers "sometimes you have to go out in the streets and get a little bloody". People who believe in pulling their own weight through life simply won't behave this way because they have no need too. When all your hopes and dreams rest on the shoulders of an all powerful government who is supposed to give you everything you need to survive and then those same benefits are taken away sets the stage for violence among left leaning individuals.
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    His job is to either sign or veto bills.
    Well the budget is a document that needs his signature.
    So why hasn't he requested one ?
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    Another fail..... If that was a joke, why did he say it under his breath? No, that's what he really feels. BTW, no one laughed in the audience.
    He said, " fortunately that , that's exactly like him (meaning arafat), I wish they were all F***ing dead(meaning republicans).

    Again, you're not focusing, the thread was started to point out the hate filled things that the democrats are saying about republicans and tea party or anyone else that isn't democrats. IMO, saying you wish them dead is pretty hateful.
    Actually if it was not "out of the blue" that makes it even worse because setting the statement up would reflect the attitude of the host and the production team as well.

    What is amazing is how the democrats whine and piss and moan about bulls eyes on maps that show a "target area" of opportunity for campaigning, saying that it is inciting violence yet, when a lefty gets on TV and says he wishes all republicans were dead, it's just a joke.

    As far as the Bachmann and Santorum signing those stupid "contracts, I've heard several republicans saying that was wrong. I bet we don't hear of any democrats denouncing that idiot.
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    I am sorry Brett, but this post is pure nonsense.

    The rhetoric coming from the right in todays political climate is the most violent in decades. Glen Beck on FOXED SPEWS was talking about revolutions, armageddon and an END of AMERICA as we know it.

    The Tea Party is crying about revolution and returining to the original constitutional guidance. Sarah Palin is still using the "DONT RETREAT JUST RELOAD" rhetoric and repeated it on FOXED SPEWS just the other night.

    The hate speech coming from the right is getting ever so closer to flat out racism each and every week.

    The people who are the emotional, irrational and illogical are the right wingers who are buying whats being sold on a daily basis.

    This isnt greece and we can NEVER be Greece. Greece is a monetary producing country and WE are. Thats a huge difference that prevents us from being like greece.

    Only a person who doesnt understand fiscal policy would believe there could be a corrolation.

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    Free speech brother, Dan Savage is entitled to his opinions without the approval of anyone else or tainting anyone with his sentiments. Saying all republicans may be something nasty, but it was rhetoric and not serious.

    There is no love for repubilcans on mahers show, so if anyone was looking for sympathy there, then you are equal to a blind squirrel looking for a nut.

    Sorry Brother, Savage is right. The comparision to arafat was not fitting.

  15. trplnkl

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    Make up your mind, is hate speech free speech or not? In one post you rile against republicans for saying "DONT RETREAT JUST RELOAD" and the next you alibi for savage stating he wished all republicans were dead. What's the freakin' difference? To save you the trouble of trying to figure out a new twist, I'll tell you the difference. "DONT RETREAT JUST RELOAD" (in context) is/was talking about not giving up the debates but having the strength to continue the struggle, savage's comment was just relating his obvious hatred for republicans.
    Savage didn't say(this time, I'm sure he has before) all republicans were idiots, morons, nazis or some other type of slam, he said he wished they were all dead.
    Free speech is not limited to democrat liberal bully hypocrites.

    Sorry brother but this part of your post is confusing, what are you trying to say?

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    I made it clear what savage was saying. Keeping it in context, its both FREE SPEECH and HATE SPEECH. Its also rhetorical in nature. As I made clear, savage was disagreeing with maher on his comparision to Arafat with the caveat that arafat was dead and the republicans were not, thus making mahers point untrue.

    To extrapolate one sentence out of context is not fair, and to take it out of context and make it a stand alone comment is ridiculous at best.

    There is heated rhetoric on both sides in todays political climate. As I said before, it needs to be toned down but it wont. The right wing is so desperate to win the white house back, they are reaching to severe rhetoric in order to generate voted outcome.

    When the right wing sees an equal style of rhetoric, they cry foul and blow it up to their base for reactionary purpose. It was effective in this story.

    FOXED SPEWS ran this story on every opinion show all day for 2 days so far with creative editing.

    If you keep the whole conversation in perspective, you should see and hear a bad joke and political rhetoric in the same context.

  17. Baba gounj

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    For someone who says they do not enjoy watching Fox News, you seem to be quoting them a lot.
  18. trplnkl

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    No, you made it clear what you want me to believe it to be, not what was actually said. The only place or time I have seen any part of this clip is right here and the source was not Fox, so keep you hatred for them out of this. I did not take what savage said out of context and he was not disagreeing with what maher said. For one thing, maher would have never let it slide if it was in disagreement and for another thing, the first words out of savages mouth were " fortunately that , that's exactly like him" how can that be in disagreement with what maher said. He then followed up with "I wish they all were dead" there is no mistaken what he meant. Maybe you need to go back and actually listen to what was said instead of laughing because maher compared republicans with arrafat.

    Now this is hilarious,
    This has been your modus operandi for as long as I have read your posts on here and you did it again with your quote of palin.

    I am glad, however, to see that you acknowledge that your side is as guilty as you say the republicans are.
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    my intention wasnt to convince you to think opposite of your established thought on the issue, what I intended was for you to take it in context versus taking the one sentence out and giving it a new meaning.

    I agreed that it was both free speech and hate speech, and I cannot make it more than that while understanding what the conversation was all about.

    If the conversation between maher and savage was about republicans as a whole or political party, then I would say the comment was inappropriate, but it was about policy and the position that the republicans are taking with respect to the budget.

    You have to accept that the comment was RHETORICAL and hopefully you dont believe that dan savage would actually like to see republicans dead. That would be clearly stupid.

  20. trplnkl

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    What is clearly stupid is not taking what he man said without a smile on his face as what he meant. I full understand what the conversation was about and I understand what savage said. I took absolutely nothing out of context as you did with palin's quote.

    WOW, liberal brainwashing at it's best going on here.