Department Of Labor Orders UPS To Compensate Terminated Driver

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    Department Of Labor Orders UPS To Compensate Terminated Driver - AV Stop

    The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has ordered United Parcel Service to pay an Earth City, Mo., truck driver $111,008 in back wages, benefits, compensatory damages, punitive damages and attorney's fees.

    OSHA investigated the employee's allegation that Atlanta, Ga.-based UPS terminated his employment in retaliation for his refusal to drive after raising safety concerns. OSHA's investigation found the driver was terminated after refusing to drive the vehicle because of inoperable lights on the trailer and tractor.

    The evidence showed the driver had a reasonable apprehension of serious injury to himself and the public. Although the driver notified UPS management of the unsafe conditions, the employer continued to order the unsafe operation of the vehicle.
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    what a shock ups supervision ignored the safety concerns of one of its employees.
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    No doubt, wonder what happened to the Supervisor and center manager that fired him. ???????

    Looks like he's (driver) is back on the job... looks good on them !
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    Because SAFETY is by CHOICE not by CHANCE................................
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    And I was was told just this past week that the new top priority for UPS is safety.....
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    I'm betting that Corporate takes the $111K awarded to the driver out of their pay.

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    I can remember plenty of times management has asked people to run w/ my truck running all day due to mechanical problem, leave the key in the bulkhead all day, drive w/ the headlights off cuz they dont work and finish the day at night, and driving up snowy hills. Im sure their are other things Im leaving out and its been a couple years since I have heard any of that stuff happening but still its a joke coming from thier mouth w/ all that I see. I however think its very serious. Just remember they dont always practice what they preach but as a driver your responsible to do so.:peaceful: