DHL Express hikes U.S. rates 5.9% for 2020


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DHL Express hikes U.S. rates 5.9% for 2020 - Freightwaves

Global trade outlook continues to weaken, firm says in report

Air and ground express firm DHL Express announced September 27 a 5.9% general rate increase on shipments moving to and from the U.S., effective January 1, 2020.

The increases are for tariff, or published, rates. Contract rates will differ depending on the specific customer. However, contract pricing in the express delivery business is influenced by the level of tariff rates in effect at the time. In addition, the actual tariff rate charged for transporting a shipment will vary depending on the shipment’s “profile,” such as weight, dimensions, length of haul and any special handling. DHL Express’ 2020 service guide, which will contain more detailed pricing information, has yet to be made public.

DHL serves the U.S. from international markets only. It ceased domestic U.S. pick-ups and deliveries in January 2009. DHL serves more than 220 countries and territories.