DHL massive commercial campaign in Europe?

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    Beware; Here in Holland it's really a massive Yellow attack ! DHL commercials are constantly on TV & Radio, it must cost them a fortune all those commercials......

    DHL Express, the number one shipping company outside the U.S., has launched a massive and integrated marketing campaign to coincide with its status as the official logistic partner of the Rugby World Cup in Australia & New Zealand. DHL, the international express services provider, is running “International Specialists”, an advertising campaign translated into 25 local languages in 42 key markets worldwide with television commercials, print, outdoor, digital and radio features. Two television commercials, “Grow” and “Runway”, introduce the “Speed of Yellow” concept, showing how key events are made possible by DHL. The focus is on DHL’s expertise in logistics so it can deliver to its customers on time, every time, anywhere in the world. The TV and radio spots are accompanied by a modern cover of the classic anthem “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” which first featured in DHL adverts in 1991, now re-recorded by award winning producer Paul Epworth.

    Those yellow trucks suddenly seem to be everywhere !!
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    There's a reason our margins are higher than theirs ....
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    ...we tend to indent more?