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  1. proboxtosser

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    i was curious to know if anybody knows what the top pay was at dhl,and if is the same like ups after 2 years do u make top sal
  2. DS

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    dhl drivers are not hourly employees.They are contractors.They must purchase and maintain thier own trucks,get no holidays and no benfits .
    They get paid by the package.I`m not sure of the amount.If they take a holiday, thier replacement must be dhl certified.There is a lawsuit against dhl right now by contracters who believe they are indeed employees and deserve the benefits they are entitled to.
  3. wily_old_vet

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    In my area Airborne, who DHL bought, were hourly, Teamster employees. I'm guessing they still are though I don't know for sure.
  4. brett636

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    I think it matters on the location. Some parts of DHL are hourly teamsters and some are independent contractors. Its not one solid company like UPS. More like a bunch of little companies that share the same name.
  5. over9five

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    They are Teamsters here!
  6. 30andout

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    Here their hourly but are still trying to get into the teamsters. Don't know why.
  7. Nice dhl courier

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    Top pay for dhl union courier is 21.37 per hour with one more raise in april 2007 i think is .40 or .50 yes we are tramsters but who know for how long i think they are trying to break the union. numbers are dropping and the management doesnt seem to care...
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    Re: dhl

    DHL in our area has both Teamster employees and subcontractors who deiver in remote areas
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    I was just at a DHL terminal Yesterday signing drivers up for DRIVE. In Cleveland they are all Local 407 drivers paid by the hour. The only thing that is outsourced is the feeder drivers. I think that will change if they want to succeed and compete with us. Their time in transit is horrible. The DHL air hub is in southern Ohio. The contractors are in no hurry to get that trailer to Cleveland. Not good for customers.
  10. STLFeeder

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    Re: dhl

    They are teamsters here in St. Louis also. I talk with a few of their drivers at pick-ups and they are scared to death about losing their jobs. They say they are losing customers left and right since the german post office bought them and they are running so far in the red, they are not sure how long the germans plan on dumping money into them before giving up.
  11. Reignman

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    I am also a DHL employee and wanted to get a union down here in Florida.

    Please if anyone has any info on getting started or a webpage or a contact number please sent it or post it.

    Thanks in advance
  12. hoser

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    because DHL is so horrific, even the teamsters are better.

    DHL is a piece. I don't support companies subsidized and owned by the German Government. I'll never buy a Chrysler because of Dr. Z, I'll never support DHL.
  13. Coldworld

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    hmmm, DHL has very good transit times. It is taking them 3 days to get from west coast to back east. This is one of the reasons they are getting volume from ups and fedex. Do you know how they are doing this. Yep, they are flying groung packages on their planes. It doesnt take a brain to figure out that this isnt going to work forever and they will have to stop this. If they have so much room in their planes for ground, it doesnt say much about their air volume.
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    Say No To The Krauts!
  15. STLFeeder

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    DHL sucks, I had Tivo ship me a new unit because the first one sent never worked. I asked for it to be shipped UPS, but they sent it 2nd day air DHL. They shipped it last Thursday. It arrived at their hub Mon. morning. It sat there for the next 3 days, until I called and refused it, and then called Tivo and cancelled the account. Screw DHL, and screw Tivo...
  16. dhlsucks

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    Im a former airborne express and current dhl driver :sad: and a local 25 teamster .top rate in the boston metroplex is twenty two dollars and change per hour .The non union drivers make far less .As a dhl driver i can say for sure that i would never ship anything with the pathetic piece of **** company i work for .If you want to send somthing cheap go with the clown but if it has to get there ship with brown.Dhl drivers should make thirty dollars a hour just for having to put a yellow and red clown shirt on everyday .:blushing:
  17. dhlsucks

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    dhl is a complete and utter mess .believe me when i tell you that ups and fedex have absolutly nothing to worry about .we still cant get uniforms in american sizes after three years .everything is international sizes and everything shrinks down to guys that look like they have on belly shirts .We have all former ups sups who were fired from ups .