DHL Reboots in U.S. After $9.6 Billion Bleed: Freight Markets

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    DHL Reboots in U.S. After $9.6 Billion Bleed: Freight Markets - Bloomberg

    Deutsche Post AG (DPW)’s DHL Express unit is rebuilding its U.S. operations around international shipments after a $9.6 billion “disaster” in domestic deliveries.

    After firing 15,000 people and closing 75 percent of its outlets in 2008, DHL Express U.S. is expanding and may beat the volume goal it set that year by 15,000 packages a day in 2011, Chief Executive Officer Ian Clough said in an interview.

    DHL Express’s U.S. unit won’t try again to compete with UPS and FedEx in the immediate future, Clough said. With about 6,000 people, 2,500 trucks and vans, and about 30 nightly departures at Cincinnati, the division has shrunk to about the same size it was before buying Airborne.

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    Terrible how DHL desteroyed Airborne Express. What a disaster.
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    Could also be the other way around; terrible how Airborne destroyed DHL USA
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    Someone's got to be bottom feeders.
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    that sill add they had on the television/advertisements ...the new competition where ups and fedex were at the rail road crossing awaiting those horrible yellow heaps of junk on the back of the railroad carriages,,,who is laughing now ..