DHL steps up cutbacks

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    DHL steps up cutbacks - Journal of Commerce

    Parcel carrier DHL Express is cutting back its United States operations more deeply than earlier announced as it copes with a troubled American economy.

    The company, a unit of Gemany's Deutsche Post, also says it is speeding up the cutbacks it had been planning, putting its cost-saving efforts on a more urgent track and prompting suggestions from some industry observers that even greater cuts in DHL's U.S. presence are on the way.
  2. dhlsucks

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    this place is dead:surprised:
  3. david cassin

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    they used enough of the german taxpayers money over the years to buy up companies now its biting them in the behind.:funny:
    i had a feeling a few years ago they wouldn't last the pace ,all the vans on the train passing the ups/fedex vans at the railroad crossing,who's laughing now only ups as they will be paying us to deliver airport to airport.
    ha ha ha ha :happy-very:
  4. SmithBarney

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    David, didn't you know they were just sending those Vans on the train to slaughter..
    Just like cattle cars... off to slaughter...

    Thanks DHL for all the Dang Hot Leads(sales)
  5. Brown287

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    If you go to you can see in real time their unfortunate demise. Its as if your watching a live video feed of the Titanic going down, its very depressing but you cant stop watching. To still a line from one of their numerous commercials "shutting the doors, bad for them, but great for us". With that said I really do feel bad for those guys, by the way we're always hiring pre-loaders.
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    hope ups buys dhl.maybe my stock will go up.cut back on comepetion
  7. david cassin

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    back in 1989 ups were 1 vote away from buying dhl long before the deutsche post owned them ,apparenly i don't know if they do own anything now but everything was leased years back they owned nothing.
    ups were even leasing planes to them.
    we probably should buy tnt out the parcel/roadfreight parts and we would have a much better foothold in europe.