DHL to cut 600 jobs in U.S., cites economy, market

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    DHL to cut 600 jobs in U.S., cites economy, market - Reuters

    DHL, Deutsche Post AG's express delivery unit, said on Tuesday it will cut around 600 jobs in the United States, citing the "current economic climate and market demands."

    The job cuts will be "achieved through reductions, attrition and the suspension of some existing open positions," the company said in a statement.
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    Excellent opportunity for UPS to grab any lost business through this due to service lapse. I hope UPS grabs the business before FEDX does!
  3. Maybe this will have an impact on the future of DHL USA.
    Mr. Zumwinkel, the CEO of Deutsche Bundespost, has resigned amid charges of tax evasion. A successor has been appointed (Mr. Appel), who was in charge of logistics. Mr. Appel is very well aware about the challenges of Deutsche Bundespost, including DHL USA. and Deutsche Bundespost has more problems than just DHL USA.
    I would not be surprised if a decision re DHL USA will be taken within a shorter time than originally anticipated. If UPS does it right, then there could be quite a few opportunities.
  4. Follow-up. Mr. Frank Appel has been confirmed by the board of Deutsche Bundespost as the new CEO. It is reported that he is vigorously addressing several key issues at Deutsche Bundespost, including DHL USA. The CFO of Deutsche Bundespost is also more than interested in coming to a conclusion of the DHL USA exercise.
    In a quirky round-about way, this could be a major opportunity for UPS USA as well as in Germany to take advantage of this situation.