DIAD Step Action Diagram-- Must Have

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    Dear all,

    I am a temporary delivery assistant for the holiday season. We are not taught how to operate the DIAD. I was in the Army and have operated everything from a SINGCARs radio, MBITR, SKL, Vector and LLDR, and then some. If someone can lay a mortar and clear a MK19 grenade launcher with proper instruction, that same person should also be able to use a piece of logistics equipment that is really similar to various military hand-held computers. Could anyone write out a diagram for all the scenarios (DR, signature and no delivery) for both the large DIAD and small DIAD, scan it and then send it to me, via this forum or my e-mail? If it is useful, I will distribute it further at the warehouse I am dispatched from and give you the credit for having developed this essential training aid.