Directed by Center to return to a stop. Page 72 of 340-E Methods

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    Management in many centers would have you believe that when you are directed by management to return to a stop on the same day you should record that second attempt as a duplicate stop. Not so, according to page 72 of the 340-E methods. You get credit for that stop. Do not void original attempt OR hit duplicate key on second attempt. Remember that ODS person is usually classified as part of management.
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    If you go back on your own it is a duplicate stop--if you are directed to go back it is a second stop.
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    I never hit the duplicate key. I don't even know where it is. Seriously. They never taught me. But, when I went FT, they just left me alone. :)
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    The stop is still being recorded, what does it matter? You`re working as directed, right? Are you worried about time allowance?
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    Im just working according to UPS methods AND I do not like to be lied to by management over and over again.
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    Where do you get this 340-e thingy?
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    I can't seem to remember and recite the 10 point commentary. How the hell do they expect me to know 340 methods?
    All I ask is that they get my TP60 to me on time and let me deliver those parcels in the best way that I can!
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    It's UPS's methods, they can update them or change them whenever they want. I always work as directed, if I have any doubts I will speak to someone directly and make sure I'm doing exactly what they want because that's what I get paid to do.
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    Yes, but it has been this drivers experience that the ODS person (OMS?) instructions are almost always contrary to what my on-cars would be. Any instruction received from 2 of our 4 OMS's is always relayed to an on-car or center manager. They are almost always over-ruled.
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    Low level management do not have the authority to violate UPS methods.

    If any low level management are directing the workforce to violate corporate methods then they must be reported.

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    I could care less about management's internal hierarchy and who has the authority to do what. It's simply not my concern nor is it my job to play little corporate methods cop. As long as I'm not being instructed to something unsafe or dishonest, I work as directed by my immediate supervisor/center team.
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    2 weeks ago I get a message to call the center ASAP. So I called the girl answering the phone said there was a complaint I didn't pick up the ODS stop that was sent to me. I told her that they have 32 boxes with no labels on a BoL shrink wrap on 2 pallets. She tell that I need to give them the label to fill out. I tell her I only have 4. Then she tells me I'm going to have to pick up the 32 boxes and make the label up when I get back to the building. I told her that isn't going to happen give me a SUP.

    After explain to my sup the situation he say forget about it we will tell then to call UPS Freight.

    As for going back to a stop if I'm instructed to go back it always a second attempt, not a duplicate stop a duplicate stop would be if you couldn't find a package and had to go back to the same stop. However I don't know how to and not asking how to use that function so it's just another stop for me. If the person isn't there that time it's Ni2, or Ni3.
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    ^Why not take them back and fill out the papers for them all? Aren't you paid by the hour like the most of us? Heck, I'll rewrite Webster's 3rd edition for OT.

    If I am stopping the truck and delivering a stop, it is a stop, never a duplicate stop. The only time I hit duplicate is if I miss one at a stop I am still at and find it right away and give it right to them.
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    You are entitled to care about whatever it is that you choose to care about.

    The attitude that you expressed makes you actually more part of the problem than the management that may or may have misdirected you.

    If you knowingly follow instruction that contradicts UPS training methods then you are not working with Integrity, you are working against Him.

    I urge to not live in fear, but to live and work with Integrity!

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    Then I suggest you look for employment elsewhere. ;)
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    If it is a customer request then it is another stop. If it was a UPS error, then it is a duplicate stop! :happy-very:
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