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    A question to ask you: Can UPS have a right to "terminate" you for misloads? Even though when your union will not protect your jobs on that issue? Talked to my Union Business Agent today and told me that we won't be saved our jobs if UPS can fire you for any misloads you may have. As we had PCM yesterday and top supervisors told us that if we have 1 misload, you will be sent home for the day. If you have 2 misloads, you will be "Terminated" from your job for good!

    Now I think that is pretty harsh to do that but I don't think it is right to do this? Even though they will go with 2 warning letters for one misload and if 2 misloads, they will skip the suspensions and go straight to termination! I'm pretty stumped that union will not fight for us if we get straight to "termination" Because my BA says that it is not in the contract that UPS can do whatever they want to "terminate" us regarding 2 misloads in one week. Where in the contract that we can be protected on this?

    I'm not comfortable with this but I think that is just wrong and I would like your feedback because I need to know what action it should've been taken with the very clear line with this contract?

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    Unless a misload is named as one of the "cardinal sins", management must follow the disciplinary progression.
  3. Top Fuel Friday

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    I've terminated an employee for misloads. The way we do it locally 6 in a 3 month period is a written, then a suspension, then term. Bag misloads are automatic written 1, no verbal.

    Misload "occurrences" fall off after 3 months.

    It's very rare that an employee is terminated for misloads in our district. Almost all of the employees who loose their jobs for misloads are for chucking multiple bag misloads in a short amount of time.
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    my question is how can you missload if you read the pal lable correcttly and yes i know the pals can be put on wrong boxes that dose and has happened
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Part of the problem are common lane numbers and the volume being pushed down the belt. My loader has lanes 22 (me), 24 and 26. He very rarely has misloads but if he does it is for either 24 or 26, which are for a town 1 hour from our center.
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    I haven't seen anyone in my building get fired for misloads. If a person can't load a truck they usually send them to the primary to unload trailers.

    Misloads are going to happen no one is perfect. The thing to remember is that you can't have misloads everyday and expect to keep your job.
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    Ask your supe if you can stay on the clock and guard all 5 trucks that you load until the drivers leave.
    This would prevent someone from walking by and throwing a misload in one of "your" trucks after you leave.

    How can you be responsible for what happens after you leave?
  8. backinbrown

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    I think something is wrong here

    do you not have a contract

    you can not skip the process of discipline warning written suspension termination.

    I am sorry but i dont believe you that your union is lying down on this no way

    if you are telling the truth i apoligize for what i am about to say.

    i think you are just spreading propaganda against the union hoping people who dont know any better will believe you and think the union sucks.

    no way i dont believe you

    that would never fly here. if you are not telling the truth you need to get a life the union is here to stay deal with it.

    I have no way of knowing if you are telling the truth

    this is JMO
  9. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    I should also say if this is in fact true then something is very wrong.

    Do you have stewards in your center.

    I just don't understand nor can i comprehend that the union is allowing this.

    I have never seen my union act this way let alone one of our shop stewards.

    Discipline is outlined in contract.

    If this is happening i would owe you an apology.

    But i just refuse to believe the union wont stand up for this it is pretty cut and dry.
  10. Loco170Brownie

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    No point in just repeating what the other Union guys just said, but thats the deal.

    Where I am they are so hard up for help on the Preload shirt we get 2-3 misroutes a day in our truck and no one cares.:surprised:

    The contract is the contract know it and use it, in a big Co like UPS knowing your rights and how things are supposed to be done is key to staying there a long time.

    Also, I am my Brothers keeper! Help the new kids, part time or full time, make sure they know what the deal is. Be a leader, I know when I was new at UPS I had some old times lead me right and I will always take the time to do the same for others.

    ok putting soapbox away for now.... :peaceful:
  11. Loco170Brownie

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    wow...cant type today... that was preload SHIFT and Old TIMERS in that last post.

    Just a stupid truck driver what do you want!! :knockedout:
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    dude the union is just there to verify that all disciplinary action takes place accordingly. they union is NOT a get-outta-trouble-free card!!! if you were warned about misloads prior to your discharge and you still misloaded, then you get what you get bud! and the union will NOT back you. preload is one thing, but there are no second chances in the Local Sort, if you misload a package, its gone, and expect a sup to come and talk to you.
  13. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    i dont work pre-load i dont undrstand what your post has to do with me

    i have not lost my job

    i did not say it is a get out of jail free card

    but the contract is the contract

    dont tell me that a sup can fire you before you go through the discipline stages.

    and if the union gets the job back then sup did not follow contract
  14. Loco170Brownie

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    Dude read the post before you start your rant. It was very clear
  15. BURMDPsupe

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    You could be terminated for misloads due to "failure to follow methods," as long as the discipline is progressive and well documented.

  16. Hangingon

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    They'd have to fire half our preloaders. We average about 4 per car per day.
  17. pudg00

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    I have at least one misload everyday form the same loader. Nobody seems to care or want to do anything about it. Have not heard of any pre-loaders in our building getting fired. As have been laid off and start pre-load on Mon. I guess I will be very careful just in case.
  18. Red Dawn

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    I think he is a 22.3 worker...ups is "dissolving" these jobs all over.(I'm sure all of our names will stay on list of 20,000) When moved into new pt spots management is and has been targeting these employees. all of the ones here that are going package are been overloaded and watched. The word off the grapevine from management was to get ride of them(on all shifts) i could give you a list of things that are being done here! they are going to do everything they can to get rid of us.
  19. Niceride

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    we have a had employess at our center get what they call a " working suspension" meaning we don't have anyone here to work your postion so you get a suspension but keep working till grievance is heard.

    whats that?
    working suspension......the uinon should not let that happen..
  20. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    No disrespect meant here but does your local know or are you assuming they already know, mayby a phone call or first talk to steward if you get no responce call the hall they work for us not against us. look into