Discretionary Days?

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    What are the exact rules concerning discretionary days for part-time sups? I've heard a few differing things about them. Is it up to the FT sup or manager to decide if we get them, or is that just a myth?
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    The Corporate HR position is that reasonable notice should be given and that management must let the requester take off unless there is no means to cover the work.

    There is wiggle room there but the intent is that the requester gets the day off.
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    Up to five discretionary days were designed to help management people and specialists feel comfortable about taking time off from work without scheduling a day of vacation or asking for an informal “day off.” As much notice as possible should be given when scheduling a discretionary day to ensure adequate staffing but, due to their nature, discretionary days can rarely be planned for the entire year. Management should not be asking our people to plan discretionary days for the entire year. Discretionary days should not be combined with vacation nor are they intended to be saved until the end of the year. A good web site to keep UPS employee informed is UPSers.com
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    Are you asking a question or making a statement?
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    Does anyone know what Type Emp "K" means? What Job Class P282 stands for?