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UPS faces class-action ADA lawsuit over working conditions - Cleveland.com

A federal judge in Pittsburgh has granted class-action status to a lawsuit alleging that United Parcel Service Inc. failed to help disabled employees return to work by modifying working conditions.


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UPS does not reasonably accommodate. There's a disabled guy who does small sort, something is wrong with his hand and leg, they are pretty much immobile (but not completely obsolete).

as the smalls sort is on grade, you have to step onto the grate to offload the bags, and that grate is about 3 off grade. easy for someone like me, but for our small sort guy, it's hard. you think UPS provides a step for this guy? they're lucky he's quiet and a hard worker. he deserves to be in this class action.


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Do you think there is a reason our company doesn't "reasonably accommodate"?

Would doing so make a statement that, yes, our company knows the job is grueling and will break a human body down despite all the "if you follow safe work methods, you'll never get hurt" propaganda they force at us?

Regarding the disabled small sorter mentioned by another poster, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCP) is a federal agency that supposedly requires employers of 2500 or more employees (I think we meet that criteria) to hire, retain and promote handicapped/disabled persons.

How many of us think our company does that? :confused:1


The judge has denied the companies motion to stay the proceeding while they appeal her decision granting the case class status. I'm sure they will appeal this decision also.


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The link didn't work for me. What is it that the Feds want UPS to do? I understand that UPS "failed the help disabled workers return to work by modifying working conditions" but do they want UPS to change what is expected of an employee for the rest of their career or just til they are back to 100%?