Disgust and Disdain for Politicians.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by island1fox, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. island1fox

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    Politicians :

    Most House and Senate elected officials make in the area of 150,00 to 175,000 a year --not bad money.

    If they are taxed in the 35% area how do they become multi millionaires and live like kings. Do they pay their fair share ??

    Pelosi in Hawaii is spending 10,000 dollars a night for her suite --the Right are NO BETTER !

    They "SERVE" us by using Mondays and Fridays as travel days --first class--work a few hours Tues, Wed and thurs --most of the time spent in evening fund raising cocktail parties.

    These are the people that cause all of the problems and should be "OCCUPIED" !!!
  2. Lue C Fur

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    Stop it...your making to much sense.
  3. texan

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    I agree. i just heard of Pelosi's vacation tab. Women of the people who can relate.
  4. trplnkl

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    I would almost bet that the majority of them were multimillionaires before they were elected. Then (as already mentioned on another thread) they use insider in for stock trading and other investments.
  5. texan

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    I still do not understand how that is not dealt with. It is so wrong they all are exempt.
  6. island1fox

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    To add to this --how can people like Bachman and Ron Paul campaign for President 100% of their time and still collect their House salary ?? The answer to this question is because all of them have huge Staffs that we pay for.
    In reality they do NOTHING as far as work. Their staffs do all of the leg work while they collect salaries --What a Scam --America has to WAKE UP.

    Imagine a FDX driver while interviewing for a UPS position for over two years --not delivering any packages for FDX -but receiving full pay !!!

    How did the Politicians get so far out of control ???
    Never mind all of time off-vacations,summer recess,winter recess etc etc. They claim they are "home" serving us --try and talk to one --good luck --you again get a "Staff member"--What a SCAM !!!

    They give themselves way better pensions and healthcare then us and always vote for their raises. Something has got to give.

    I do not like nor support Rick Perry but his call for a "Part-Time" Congress with huge cuts in Staffs,Salaries, Pensions, perks etc,etc,etc. Term Limits are a MUST !!!
    I promise --I will get off the caffeine -but today I am really :censored2: off--So Many American's out of work and hurting while our politicians have two weeks off and are spending money like it grows on trees -disgraceful!!

    The President and all politicians should stay in Washington --no days off until the Tax laws are re-structured--a budget is put in place--and the Economy has a real PLAN for recovery ---Punish Corporations with overseas jobs and incent Corporations to bring money and JOBS back to the U.S.
  7. moreluck

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    About the title.....which is worse.......disgust or disdain ??
  8. toonertoo

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    Give them www.gotomeeting.com
    they never work, they can do it from home, be available to the constituency, see what is going on in their area, and hear from them there. Shut down the capital, their staffs can work via the internet also. Technology is where it is at, this crap of flying from home to washington to be there for a vote, crap. If Giffords can vote from a hospital, they can vote from home. No security, or little, big savings for us. And their vacations on their dime.
    It is crap. It should be over. Perry has the right idea about a pt congress, I think it should go further. Work from home, half pay, and maybe good people who dont have money to campaign could get elected. People with their finger on the pulse, coz they are there. In their towns states, etc.
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    Good question. I am sure there are many more adjectives and defining words that I could use --some of them would and should be banned by the moderators--bottom line I am really :censored2: off --All Americans -Right,Left and Middle should crack down on Washington.
    This is where all American's should "occupy" and demand changes good for our Country --not just good for their party or personal power !!

    If the best minds of the country got together and not the idiot politicians--real change would take place and we would not have to "Hope" It would be a reality.:happy2:
  10. moreluck

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    The "hope" word never meant much to me. It never specified anything.....it's not legislated . If I was looking for hope, that would mean I was hopeless and I didn't like the sound of that because I knew better.

    I feel the disgust daily........giving more money to the shrimp on the treadmill....really!! Even when it's wasted, they still throw more $$$ away. Buck is gonna ask for a raise again.............yet, where are the cuts that were promised.

    I feel like we have a voodoo witch doctor for a president......that might sound racist.....so what!!! Deal with it. If it's what I feel, then it's justified. I feel like we're living in the bizarro world. Buck asks for a year extension on the tax cuts....GOP gives him the year he asked for. Reid the rhoid gives him a 2 month extension and Buck kisses his butt. WTH?

    Buck comes across to me as one of the Batman villians...............the joker? I'm done with some community organizer trying to run this country into the ground..................that's the ONLY thing he's doing a fine job of......ruining the country.

    I can't stand the people who are blindly drinking the kool aid and not questioning a thing. Sheep to slaughter. I can't wait to vote!!

    Island, my question was legitimate, but my rant was not at you..........disgust is a good term for it.