Dish Network call tags


I hate these! No one ever has them ready or they have alredy shipped them due to the fact that Dish gives the customer an ARS Label anyway. These are a big waste of time.


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NR1, NR2, NR3.... and your done... dont need a info notice... I use to hate them too... now i just think of them as a free stop for 3 days, then i turn them back in.

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It always seems to be the slowest stop on area and the third attempt they tell you it was sent back with the ARS tag inside. Once a person told me that if I wanted the dish to climb up on the roof and get it myself. RTS:cool:


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the morons at dish net have not figured out the difference between a call tag ond a 1x pu. these call tags are a joke and free money for the company and us...!

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It seems Dish Network uses UPS as their private collection agency. People don't pay their bill and Dish sends out the empty box to them. Most act like they don't know its coming. Half the time the people have already moved when I get there. Alot don't want to give up their receivers because they plan on paying the bill when they have the money.

Only part I really hate is the fact that most live in the boonies on a dirt road. You deadhead five miles one way just to put a delivery notice on the door. I hope the company is making good money off call tags these days. With the price of gasoline it seems like a losing proposition.


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I picked up two boxes yesterday then 3 people stopped my truck to handle more. . I like these calltags because I never have problem with them. Our company makes more money than basic service like Gevalia coffee.

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Thursday I took a Dish Network call tag to a house and I noticed that there was a Dish satellite and a a Direct TV satellite set up on two different polls off to the side of the house. The guy that answered said that he had just moved in recently and that both dishes were left there by the previous owner. He also told me that he had regular cable tv and that if Dish or Direct TV wanted their equipment back then they'd have to send someone out and take them off of their polls. I sheeted the call tag as "Moved" and couldn't help but wonder how much of UPS's, Dish Network's, and Direct TV's time the previous owner has wasted.