Disparity in wages, profits widening

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    Disparity in wages, profits widening - Star-Telegram

    UPS, the world's largest package shipper, has wielded both carrot and stick in its labor relations to build on 17 straight quarters of profit growth.
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    Why don't these stories break into mainstream national news?
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    because they're grossly framed and biased. like the comparison between corporate profits today and five years ago. well, there was a recession 5 years ago.
    the war on the middle class is inevitable, considering how bloated it is. there is way too much unskilled labour in the economy making ridiculously high wages, there's no way you can expect to sustain this and be able to compete globablly.

    the stat that median income hasn't risen taking into account inflation is self-defeating, it shouldn't rise, or else inflation will, too.
    then the point that is made that UPS keeps racking up profit while not giving raises is just irresponsible journalism. if you ask the general public their opinions of how much ups drivers should earn, it's going to be way off, but not as much as when you ask people how much they think UPS drivers actually earn. of course, being that this article has a leftist bias, saying that ups drivers make $28/hr would just weaken the journalists argument in favor of unions.
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    Well said, Hoser. You have passed Economics 101 with flying colors. Too bad the media is still attending Common Sense 101, and failing miserably...
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    they're not stupid, they're just vultures. which is why i hate them.
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    The news media having common sense? :lol: Isn't that an oxymoron? Like military intelligence, or peaceful war, or maybe my all time favorite. Trust the Government to treat your fairly.
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    peaceful war an oxymoron? what about the cold war? :tongue_sm
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    That's for Sure!!!!
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    We are fed lies that the company isn't making any money. We used to set the bar on hourly wages. Now, even tool and die operators make as much as we do and we are running our :censored2: off EVERYDAY! Perfect service, perfect performance, and perfect safety expected EVERYDAY! Nobody touches us with our service! How can we NOT be making ANY money? Lies, Lies, Lies...
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    The greatest expenditure UPS has is Labor. Second to that is maintenance on the fleet of trucks. I am considered an necessary evil. In my job I don't make a dime of money, I spend money, and a lots of it on the upkeep of trucks.
    Stock prices are based on a companies expected profitability if you want higher stock prices I can tell you how to raise the stock.
    Stop purposely tearing up the trucks. Quit riding around with your foot on the clutch pedal and blowing out the clutch I just put in 9 months ago, or how about stop taking off from stops like you are going up against John Force for the championship and twisting the drive line out.
    How about staying on the road and quit getting stuck on dirt roads that your not suppose to be on in the first place.

    Couple of weeks ago. Super driver buried his p7 so bad that it took a medium, and a heavy duty wrecker to get it out. Of course this was at 1 PM. Drivers still had 50 stops.. Well it took the wreckers 7 hours to get him out. So now we have a $1300.00 wrecker bill and a toasted turbo on the package car.

    The less money I have to spend, the higher profits which relates to higher stock.
    Basic economics..
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