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    I don't know if all districts have these, but our MD seems compelled to produce a "newsletter" once per quarter. Predictably, it's a rah-rah rag that basically encourages you to do even more to meet accident, safety, productivity goals etc. It also highlights FedEx charitable participation, employee anniversaries and the like. Oh, and it makes sure to tell us what a great job the MD is doing. At least at our station, a pile of them sit there for several months until the janitor finally tires of looking at them and puts them in the trash where they belong.

    How about a publication that actually addresses employee concerns or suggestions? A one-sided propaganda piece is a waste of money because nobody reads it, and those that do just make fun of it because it's such a farce. How about a review of an accident and how to avoid making the same mistake yourself? Or some helpful tips on PowerPad issues or clarification on policies that most employees don't understand? Some investment tips would be great for new people, except that would educate them as to how they probably won't have any money to invest given our generous pay structure. Ooops, can't have that, can we?

    If someone on the street picked this up and read through it, they'd think FedEx is one superb place to work, which certainly isn't the case. Or do the higher-ups still believe their own hype? Sometimes I really think that they are clueless to the point that they still don't understand that the employee/management dynamic has changed significantly, and not in their favor.

    It's another case of applying Band-Aids to a sucking chest wound.....it isn't going to work. Save your money and buy more donuts and pizza instead, OK? Those trinkets still mean something to some of the morons who still "believe".
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    Sorry, Homer. I guess you take your copy home and memorize it while you're on the potty. Just another way management wastes money. But not in your case.
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    Same thing over and over.