Dividend Reinvestment Program



Today I received a letter from the company, which came with my dividend deposit receipt. It appears a dividend reinvestment program (DRIP), will be introduced later this year for Class A shareowners. This will be a great way to leverage future share purchases.

As some of us on this board may recall, there was an online petition on this site for a DRIP a few years ago. I haven't looked into whether this DRIP plan will apply to Class B shareowners as well. Ken Rodriques, ya still out there buddy?


I haven't received my dividend deposit receipt yet but that's great news. I remember quite awhile back there were two dividends each year, one in cash (declared in May, paid in June) and one in stock (declared in November, paid in January). Seemed like very little each time but that sure did make my net worth grow substancially over the years.


You have a good memory my2cents, that petition was quite a while ago...

Last time I heard anything about Ken was probably a year or more ago. As I recall he was an outside investor that was a big supporter of UPS after the IPO. I'm not sure what happened to change his mind about the stock but several months ago he announced on the Motley Fool board that he was selling his shares. The timing of his stock sale decision was rather unfortunate in more ways than one...