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    The UPS Board of Directors today declared a regular quarterly dividend of 38-cents per share on all outstanding Class A and Class B shares.
    The dividend is payable January 4, 2007, to shareowners of record on November 27, 2006.
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    I was wondering where the other part of the MIP was going. Thanks for the bigger check fellas!

    All joking aside, I'm not in management but I am concerned about the decision to cut MIP especially to the management folks down in the trenches that make things happen. More and more, the incentive for good hourly people to take that next step gets less and less inviting and the risk of getting someone in management who really shouldn't be there gets greater and greater. Cutting MIP was no the right way to go IMHO.
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    I don't think the people who are being drawn into management are being told about the MIP fiasco or that their stock is divided out over 5 years now.
    I talked to a hourly person who was real close to going into an operational side of management recently. He had no idea that the stock bonus was divided up over a 5 year period and he was also amazed that I had intimate knowledge of the MIP dropping despite record profits.
    I told him I was a "double agent".:lol:
    Imagine "our" company dangling a carrot in front of some of these "babes in the woods".:ohmy:
    I, again, want to profusely thank Cheryl and her efforts with the Browncafe. I have learned more on this website than I could have ever imagined learning from our esteemed management.
    By the way, the prospective management wannabe recently signed papers declining the offer.:thumbup1:
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    :lol: :lol:
    That's a gutbuster!

    I know of a couple of PT sups. who've gone FT management in the last 6 or so months and I know in their cases that they understood the new stock process and some of the other "johnny come lately" corp. schemes. Now UPS has a bad habit of cafeteria policy where one locale will do one thing and another do something different and maybe you're seeing the norm and I the exception. That said however, I'd not be surprised to learn that facts are hidden until it's to later but that will only work so far. The truth in time will get out and become widespread and the biggest spokesman will be those new management folk who got lied too.
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    Hey, I worked for over 25 years for a thirteen pound turkey as my bonus. If the stock can rise at a decent raise, that will be all the bonus you need.
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    A TURKEY! We always got a Christmas goose but you had to bend over and grab your ankles to get it!:ohmy:
  7. what the f*** is a goose? can i shoot it?
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    Great. The stock now pays dividends lower than the rate of inflation.
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    How about the carrot the "REAMSTERS" have dangled in front of you. While they inserted the larger carrot somewhere else. Secret agent man.