Do Black lives matter to Big Brown?

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    Do Black lives matter to Big Brown? - Socialist Worker

    Why has UPS been described as an ethical company? In a press release, Big Brown stressed that "the World's Most Ethical Companies designation recognizes those companies that align principle with action, [and] work tirelessly to make trust part of their corporate DNA."

    But there's something else engrained deep in UPS's "corporate DNA": racism. Across the U.S., UPS has singled out and systematically harassed African American workers, leading to civil right lawsuits, protests by the NAACP and, in one case, a picket against racism by a local Teamsters union.
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    Almost everyone at UPS had been singled out and systematically harassed at some point.
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    UPS is an equal opportunity abuser.

    An old timer told me the first time I was harassed by management..." don't worry about it. it's just your turn."
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    BLM doesn't have a account with UPS. So no, BLM is out of luck
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    I found that article interesting.
    I know some people actually feel like this.
    I feel lucky to have had my poor but bucolic childhood in rural south Georgia and northern Alabama.
  7. Tired Driver

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    All lives matter to UPS except their employees.
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    We are all blocks on a spread sheet
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    I used to tell newbies, after they emerged from a major in office butt chewing, due to their running afoul of UPS policy; tomorrow mgmt won't even remember this. They'll have another poor bastard to complain about.