Do we need a complete new BOD?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by ups79, Jun 3, 2005.

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    We have had quite a discussion on getting a new union to represent the employees. Now I believe is it time to discuss whether or not we need a new board of directors to represent all of us? What has the current BOD done to increase our share value? I think nothing. What are other opinions?
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    I have one word to give all shareholders......Proxy....
    If we all turn in the proxy, and vote our feelings, then maybe some changes would take place.
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    Warren Buffet once said you don't buy good stock you buy good companies. I feel we've stopped trying to be a good company and are trying to be a good stock. I don't blame the BOD for that as much as I blame the UPSers who are leading this company as they should know better. What Buffet said is the very essense of the legacy Jim Casey built and talked about. Until we get a company leadership committed to that legacy then I think not only will our stock flounder but so will our company. JMO.
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    I guess my question would be what has this BOD done differently than the other BODs that preceeded them?

    Why does this one deserve the boot? It is easy to say kick them out and start all over, but what are your alternatives?
  5. Catatonic

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    What do you think 5 years later?
  6. fxdwg

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    Scott's doing pretty good from our perspective
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    Please elaborate on who "our" is. Its not the package car driver perspective for the most part. And the on car supervisor perspective at least in my center.

    Profits are up. If that's all you mean then yes, for at least now things look good. Lots of cost cutting in the last year or two. Technology is a plus and has made improvements in making the job quicker and tracking info better. Outside of that, I dont see anything making things peachy. Service is a farce. More and more drivers having an"I dont care attitude" than I have ever seen in my many years here. Pride is rare anymore.
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    There is a huge difference between the BOD today and the boards in the 1990s. The biggest factor is the number of "outside directors" that determine the long term vision of the company. In today's world, there are eleven members and only 2- Scott Davis and former CEO, Mike Eskew are UPSers. Prior to our becoming a public company, generally half the board were present or former UPSers.

    Does anyone really believe that the current BOD understand the UPS "culture" of the past? I believe that they honestly care about doing a good job on the board, but from their "point of view"; what constitutes a good job? Is it a balance of people, service and profitability? Or, are they looking through the eyes of most normal companies, that put profitability first, and everything else second.

    I believe that if our BOD had more UPSers as board members, we would still be financially successful, but there would be much more concern about not losing the legacy that was left to us by Jim Casey.
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    Who is our? You don't even work for UPS.
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    That sounds great except with all the A shares the board has at a 10 to 1 vote ratio, there is no way they are getting voted out !!
  11. fxdwg

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    Look at your Balance Sheet.

    Believe me...I'm in no way suggesting that you paople don't work your butts off...I know you do!!! First Hand!!!

    I am just saying that the numbers are GREAT and you all should enjoy a nice career with a happy conclusion.

    I am speking from a private investor, not an occupational perspective.

    I own stock in PG and others as well as UPS.

    It's just a good investment.
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    The present ceo is not a born and bred ups'er, when we bought out his company, we ended up with him also......
  13. brownone

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    Yes and he ran his former company so well. Loved the report back video when Scott get's all misty eyed talking about Jim Casey and partnership....
  14. UPS Lifer

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    I don't consider Scott Davis a "Upser". He came over with II Morrow as the CFO - He didn't come up through the ranks. He doesn't know what is is to be a driver - supervisor - manager - etc. This could be why there is a more impersonal feel to the company. The Partnership concept has changed drastically ever since the company went public. The concept does not apply like it did years ago.
  15. brown bomber

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    as I stated in the past our " BORED" directors, have done basically nothing to improve the stock price over the past 4-5 yrs., other than to give neg. guidance, in 2009......which resulted in a 20% tank in the stock price.........besides that the trading range of UPS stock has a very narrow range (stagnant).....I would compare range of UPS stock to parallel Walmart stock......they're both behemoths, and cash cows, UPS pays a decent dividend (not sure of Walmart).......if you want a nice little dividend and security, stick w/ UPS