Dodgers Sold at Auction

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    Group Led by Magic Johnson Wins Baseball Team With Bid of $2.15 Billion

    Basketball legend Magic Johnson led a group that won an auction for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team Tuesday
    night, marking the final chapter in a soap-opera-style saga for the legendary franchise.

    With a bid of $2.15 billion, including the surrounding land, Mr. Johnson, controlling partner Mark Walter and partners
    Peter Guber, Stan Kasten, Bobby Patton and Todd Boehly beat out a group of some of the wealthiest businessmen in
    the country to land a team that is one of Major League Baseball's flagship franchises.

    The sales figure shatters the previous record sales price for a U.S. sports franchise, Steve Ross's purchase
    of the Miami Dolphins for $1.1 billion three years ago

    Magic Johnson Wins Auction for Los Angeles Dodgers -
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    The Los Angeles Dodgers one of the true "loves" of my life. Going all the way back to that magical season of 1974. Steve Garvey starting the All Star game as a write in candidate. Remember those all star ballots guys. This 4th grader was "sick" when that season ended with a World Series defeat by the 3-peat Champion, Oakland Athletics. That sick feeling would only magnify two separate Octobers in '77 and 78 as they lost the Championship to my Hometown NY Yankees. Revenge would be sweet in '81 finally beating the hated Yanks after that strike-shortened season. I remembered being in NYC for a concert the night after the series concluded. My friends thought I was going to get us killed. Although a much, much bigger fan of football, as a fan the biggest highlight of my sports-viewing life was unquestionably Kirk Gibson's pinch-hit homerun off Dennis Eckersley in the 1988 World Series. Following his equally thrilling extra inning homer against the NY Mets earlier that playoff. In the same game Mike Scioccia hit a game tying home run off Dwight Gooden as the Mets were about to take a commanding 3-1 series lead. Between working preload at UPS and finishing off my college degree I didn't know the outcome or circumstances of this Sunday night game until sometime around 5 pm Monday. Sadly my love affair ended with the Dodgers after trading away Mike Piazza in the late 90's, as my interest in the game of baseball also ended. I hope this organization can return to prominence, in a game loaded with historic franchises they are one of them. It was a shame to see the farce they had become.
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