Don't ask - Don't Tell

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Dec 4, 2010.

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    If the enemy was coming over the hill and my fellow soldier was a good shot he could be wearing a cocktail dress for all I care.
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    I'm not even entirely sure what point that cartoon is supposed to be making. Maybe that's the point.
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    I was offended by the cartoon. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was meant to honor those soldiers who died defending our country but for whatever reason were denied a proper burial. To trivialize this to state an opinion on DADT is inappopriate.
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    It's just a 'fact' that it doesn't matter who's inside that tomb. It's honoring a soldier and his supreme sacrifice to keep this country free. Some people don't get political cartoons and sometimes they are open to various interpretations....too bad you choose to think it's offensive when I think it's appropriate.......because his sexual orientation does not matter one iota.

    If you are so easily offended and take everything so personally, maybe the deep end of the pool is not for you. Thought I was on ignore?

    tomato /tomahto
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    How did you see it? Did you pardon Moreluck?!?!?!
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    No...I read Jones' post regarding the cartoon so I clicked on "view post" so that I could check it out for myself.

    I found it offensive as I felt it took away from the significance of the Tomb.
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    I'm like a traffic wreck, eh? Can't resist looking! HaHaHa!
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    i don't think it's anybodys business don't ask don't tell. if i work with a brother teamster
    we don't ask what he likes--- your not going to change any thing anyway . We are all one.
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    Oh, talk about tossing up a softball!