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    Can someone please name and explain the three drivers bid list and how they work? I know a new quarter is approaching so I'm planning on signing but I'm not sure what is available and how the bid list actually works.

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    When a position opens up other than annual or Biennial or what ever it is in your area. They post a bid sheet on what the position is and the hours and any qualification (driver positions ) required. If you would like the opportunity to get that open position sign the list.

    During the annual or Biennial bid they put a list up of all the current jobs and the person with the most seniority get to choose where they would like to move to if they want to move then the next person in seniority get to pick and so on...

    During the first part of the year they should put up a list for people that would like to move from PT to a FT driver position up if you would like to go driving sign the list. It doesn't mean you will get a driving position it means that your on the list to become a driver....

    If you have further question ask your shop steward.... If you don't know how that is as your fellow workers who it is....
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    I think its worth mentioning, you should look at the seniority lists of the job you are bidding on. If you want to go fulltime, look at the fulltime driver list and look at those peoples hire date. Then look at their center date. That is about how long it takes to get that job.

    But yeah, full time is full time driving. then there are the PT drivers in the morning and evening. Then you have cover drivers, which it is also worth mentioning, can be dropped back to pt at anytime. Its kind BS because you never know when you are going to drive.