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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Mike2002, Oct 12, 2006.

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    I just applied for this job (driver helper) and was wondering how they hire for this position. Will they hire most people that apply for the job or are they picky at all about it. I would doubt they would be picky since its just a seasonal job, but was just wondering what you guys have to say. Thanks
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    They usually just hire you on the spot for driver helper when you go in for your interview. Its a pretty good job to do during peak, plus you get a bonus if you are available every day they need you. You will also learn to appreciate what these drivers do day in and day out. Good luck.
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    Really it's not a bad job, just be prepared to be the arms and legs for the driver. The driver you meet will have most likely already exhausted himself from all his business stops that morning, and you will help with residentials and some pickups. Just be prepared to hump it, the job will really show you a little bit about the operations side of things, and you can then decide if you wan't to lift those boxes everyday on a preload, local sort, or twilight shift. I for one started out as a driver helper, and the driver I helped that year is still a great friend of mine, and I have now moved up the ranks into full time management, so just remember, you never know where the job may take you, to me, it was extra money while I finished up my business degree, but I ended up staying with it.
  4. I've had a helper everyday this week.
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    Also, does anyone know the pay and when the helpers usually start? I was guessing around Thanksgiving...maybe November 25 or so??
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    I beleive helpers get paid 9.50 p/hour, plus that 100 dollar bonus at the end. I started about two weeks after thanksgiving, and worked up until new years.
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    helpers in Indy get 11.76 / hour and I think they start 8AM - 8PM
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    11.76? Is that the new rate everywhere? In AZ I think they still get paid 9.50,but I dont know for sure

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    I did it for the first year I worked at the company It was a great experiance...In california they are supposed to go by company senority but most people who have been there more than a year don't apply because they don't want to take a pay cut...
    I went out with three different drivers... The first one was OK... The second was old and grouchy and made me Run and jump and do all the crappy stuff he didn't want to and the third was really cool, bought me lunch and taught me everything I needed to know... Hes the main reason (besides the money) I want to become a driver...
    I was paid $9.5 but never saw any $100 bonus
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    I think the bonus is only in bigger areas. I jumped for two years and never saw a bonus.
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    Here in Jersey it's 13/hr but my center manager told me they only work half days and they just neglect to tell them that when hired.
  12. be prepared to work your can off. I was a driver helper coordinator in illinois, and let me tell you this, we're gonna work you like a dog. Depending on the area you are in, you will be a 100 bonus. Otherwise, you'll make more per hour and not get a bonus. It depends on which union you'll be in, and yes, you're in the union as a driver pay the dues like the other teamsters do. The helper coordinator will call you every day, and if you don't work, we may not call you again. So be by the phone in the morning, and when we call you, be ready. if you don't work one day, say goodbye to your bonus, because that's only for the folks who work every day we call them. UPS will hire anyone who applies for the job. I felt sorry for the people who weren't in very good physical shape, because those are the ones the driver doesn't want coming back. I actually heard drivers complain about how old someone was or how slow they were, and they would come to me and say don't ever put that person with me again. yep, you're gonna be physically sore, and you'll probably regret it if you get a pissy driver. Good luck you're gonna need it !
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    It's funny how many things center manager's and sups "neglect" to tell anyone.
  14. rod

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    The 1st driver helper I ever had started the morning we had an 18" snowfall. He wore only tennis shoes and quit after the 1st day becauce " his feet got cold" Imagine that!
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    here is a tip, NEVEr cross the street infront of the pkgcar. alot of the time you are in a hurry and running, thus not paying attention to your safety.........THAT BOX CAN WAIT.