Driver Helpers In October?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by scratch, Oct 17, 2006.

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    I was sent a DIAD message today at 10:53 that said, "Where do you want to meet your Helper at 11AM?". I called the Center, and said "What the hell, its October!". A supervisor told me that he was sorry, "Tom" will actually start tomorrow.

    Its bad enough to walk in a store and see Christmas stuff before Halloween, but now this? HR has told my Center to start a couple of Helpers October 1, and there were three large boxes of Helper Uniforms in the office when I clocked out this afternoon. And I was told its not just for Peak Season.

    Does anybody know what this is about? Are Routes going to be cut out by loading up Drivers with Helpers? I went through four Helpers in just three weeks last December, and we were having a hard time getting them then. My delivery stops have not gone up, so of course stops will be pulled from another loop. If this is a new plan of some sort, the Drivers will be worn out by Thanksgiving and we will be out of Helpers before Peak. We have gotten about ten new Package Cars the last few months at my Hub, why don't they just put some Seasonal Drivers in the old cars like they used too?:confused:1
  2. Yes, we have been on this plan for two weeks now. I have 7.5 hours of overtime this week so far and had two days last week over 12 hours. Good Luck.
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    Get ready for it!

    I have 7 1/2 hours OT as of Wed night. The center said file-so what!

    I will file- sowhat if it costs them more...
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    sounds like free money......but what will they do when you have that monior accident because you worked 60 hours this you, thats what. Our company pencil pushers are such idiots.
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    I started my Helper today. I went over9five for the first time in about three months. I had forty extra stops and thirty extra miles added to my area so I would have "some extra work". I usually run 17.7 stops per hour, with my Helper the best we could do was twenty-four an hour. The stop density just isn't there for a helper yet, in fact my area has been a little light lately.

    I would rather work my route by myself right now. I am distracted by a Helper, I can concentrate and work better alone. The only plus I noticed today was I got a young guy in good shape. Not a retired guy with a forty-four inch waist like last Peak Season.
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    Just tell that 44"er to run behind the truck for the next 44 stops, and tell him for every inch he shaves off his waist that's one less stop he has to run. He'll either quit or get faster.
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    A 40" waist? ................................ I resemble that remark.
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    That is what they are doing in our center. Cover drivers sitting home while they use helpers and cut routes. They lie to them and promise work and now they will not give it to them. 9.5 is gone as of Nov 1 so get those grievances in while you can. Also file on those sups working since they send home cover and air drivers with no work.
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    i guess im a victim of the "helper driver" syndrome too... Maybe some one could explain this to me..

    i just won a bid for a cover driver (full time not seasonal) OCT 5th, going to drivers school OCT 23rd and being told i wont go for my 30 day training route until january!!

    come to find out a new guy on our local sort, just started monday, just got back from drivers school. Said he was hired as a temp and was told their not gonna us him for 3 weeks yet. He was forced into giving a 1 day notice at his old job to get to school just to find out they got no work yet so hes now doing local sort.

    The way i underdstand my local new england supplement oct-dec is "free time" and i couldnt get senority anyway so ive been sidelined so one outsider can work for less and i wait to work!!

    i guess i cant complain.. i worked a month last year temp pre load for peak and got laid off then called back in may this year. Worked local sort since then and got my driver bid oct...
    5 months has got to be a record!!

    Does anyone have any good advice for this
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    Did you end up having a helper all during the 4th qtr? I'm sure there are areas where a helper could be useful in Oct and Nov. But I'm sure it's like everything. Someone shows how they saved some money by doing it. Corporate then tells all the other districts put helpers on in Oct. In some cases it makes sense, in many it doesn't. The first peak I drove, my supv came and gave me a helper. Told me keep him as long as you want. If you are done with him, give him to the adjacent driver down the road from me. I had him for 20 minutes in an office building where he got lost coming back to the car:crying: . 1 stop in 20 minutes. I sent him immediately to the other driver. Told me supv, I'll be fine this peak. Just don't give me a helper.