driver pay taken please help

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    I recently got my license taken away for no insurance for 11 months for a car that wasn't manager said I couldn't use a occupational to work...and sent me back to the hub...I'm I suppose toget my pay taken? Someone said as long as I'm not suspended for more then a year they can't take my spot and pay....please help
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    Don't know your specifics, but why would you get driver pay if you are not a driver?
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    You get the pay rate of what ever job your are doing for the amount of seniority you have if your working a 22.3 inside job you would get that rate. If your working 2 pt shift you then get PT pay.

    Once you get your license back you have a driver job and at that time you will again get drivers pay.
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    You need to ask your steward this question.