Drivers losing runs coming back in building?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by SymplTwystofF8, Aug 23, 2011.

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    As a part-timer if Drivers lose their runs and they decide to cut jobs on the shift. Should the low seniority part-timer get bumped? We have 2 drivers, one a full time article 22 air driver and the other a feeder driver. They have both lost their runs and have been moved back into the building bumping 4 part time jobs. Now they are cutting back on our shift and want to bump the lower seniority person so the drivers can keep split shift full-time jobs...
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    I could be wrong(very tired), but in our supplements-I think- there is a clause preserving the two lowest seniority jobs. So, the third man from the bottom would be bumped. Not positive though, and I don't know if everyone has this clause.
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    What possible sense does that make?
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    Kinda what I was thinking. The bottom two guys still get bumped, but they get bumped by the 3rd and 4th guy who got bumped. If it didn't work like that then why are the two bottom workers safer than those who have more seniority than them? Makes no sense to me either.

    To answer the original question, it usually depends on what is stated in your local rider or supplement, but I can almost guarantee you that it will state something to the affect that the fulltime drivers can bump back into the building and bump out the two lowest seniority part timers to get in their eight hours. I know it sucks, but its life at the bottom and your only real hope is to hang on till things get going again and get some seniority so this doesn't happen to you again in the future (hopefully). Goodluck!
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    Seniority rules
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    Two lowest after ratification of contract can't bump inside part-timers in package. Per my union prez 5 minutes ago.
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    I'm the lowest person seniority on my sort not in the building... They're are supposedly asking me to change sorts to accommodate the full-timers and to cut back one person off the sort, but if I don't have to I'd rather not. This sort including myself has only 4 people if that helps. Just kinda seeing what others might think of the situation...
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    This will depend 100% on your supplement. In the Central, the full timers displace the bottom seniority part timer in each shift they work. The part timer is then laid off if no work is available.
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    So a feeder driver doesn't have to take a package driver job if he comes back to the building? He can take two part-timers jobs? Basically because he doesn't want to go back to the bottom seniority package driver?