Drivers: who else is permanently coded 05 (pay actual)?


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Guaranteed Not a runner...40lbs overweight balding old guy....🤣
Says a person with the screen name “Pkgrunner”…

Back on topic: the last time I got guarantee was the last time I ran out of hours on a Friday. It’s a real nice way to take your center manager down a notch.

ODS message: out of hours returning to bldg. do you have work for me to make 8 today?
Response: 🦗🦗🦗
Punch out at 6 get paid for 8 with 22 OT hours for the week and lol all the way home.


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So I believe I should get paid my 8. They planned my route day before, they should know I’m light before I even get up in the morning. They should see on the screen an hour before I finish that I will be done early, but rarely do. And after all that I still send a message from my last stop every day “Finished work eta center xx:xx”. If I manage to get back under 8 and no redispatch I’m done.

Flip side I’ve seen too many times drivers get a light dispatch, decide to “bust it out just this once” and then get green light to go help….and wonder why? I try do same pace every day.


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True story of how they worry more about paying a little guarantee time than violating the contract:

I’m on an approved “8 Hour Day”. My route is rural..often more miles than stops. They often under or overshoot on my 8s because they (IMO) look only at stop count and not where the stops are. Anyway, this particular day they undershot and I was finished with last stop about 7 hours in and one 15 min paid break left. By time I drive back I might be looking at 40ish mins on guarantee 15 of which would be break.

But I get “Do you want your guarantee today or code five?” message…..oh, no thanks, I’m full time I’ll accept code six only. So they send me to take ten stops of a guy almost 20 miles away.. and my eight hour day goes lil over 9.5. He had not asked for help was lil miffed to give up work…

Result: I got lil over an hour and a half OT, plus two hour penalty pay, plus another 8 Hour Day, to run ten stops. The time I saved the other driver was mostly wasted by doing a meet point and transfer, he might have gotten in 15-20 mins faster…maybe.

But, hey! they didn’t have to pay me a few minutes of guarantee! So big win for them I guess? 🤣🤣


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And PS to I recall that week turned into a three strike 9.5 week so those ten stops really cost a lot! But at least that dang Teamster didn’t get guarantee pay!! 🤣🤣🤣