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    Well my parents are hassling me about applying for a package handling job RIGHT NOW to work in the summer, however I don't think that's really necessary. From what I've read it sounds like they are in constant demand for handlers at larger facilities, where I would be. If I applied right now, I'd basically be working pretty soon wouldn't I? I'm going to be away for a while in June, so I figured I would just wait till I got back to apply. So how long between applying and first day of work is it usually? If I plan on starting in late June, there's no reason for me to apply now is there?
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    Really depends on the hub...Do what ya gotta do and then come back and apply:happy-very:
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    I'm guessing you will be in a hurry to apply when Mommy and Daddy start charging you rent!!
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    To respond to your dumb question:

    Are you reaching an age where health benefits under your parents are going away?

    Your parents may just want you to get a job at UPS for the health benefits, as that is how parents think.
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    This is almost exactly how I ended up working at UPS. I was still living with my parents and working full-time and trying to go to college too. My mom kept hounding me about working at UPS part-time because they would pay for school. Plus, she could see that I was struggling with classes because of my odd hours at my full-time job. I had to apply twice but eventually I was hired. It took all about 2 weeks. This was back when people could just walk into HR, apply, and then start working the next day. Sometimes the same day. About a year later I was pretty much on cruise control at school when my parents informed me that they were moving to the other side of the state. My dad had to move because of a job change. In order to make ends meet I had to work more hours so I ended up working another full-time job as well as UPS. There was no time for school. 10 years later I'm still here. What started out as a college job has turned into a career.
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    Now the question is, do you "really" need to be away in June?
    What you need to do, is during the interview you need to tell them that
    you have prior commitments in june, now whether you tell them its a beach house party
    or a wedding or a funeral thats up to you.
    Go get a job... who knows maybe by the time july rolls around, they won't have
    an opening.. then what? Wendy's? Sacking Groceries? Walmart?

    Hey but just think.. your young enough and if you play your cards right
    if your say 17-18 you could retire by the time you are 40...45
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    Too bad kids don't think about the importance of their decisions on the long term. Most of them are only concerned about the next party they are going to.
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    Uh...not for me, of course...but for a...uh...friend of mine, that's right, a friend of mine...uh, where IS the next party gonna be?
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    Aw!!! -----------Those were the days------------ enjoy them while you can.