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    Hubby and I just were out in the front courtyard having our coffee after lunch and we saw the coffee in our cups sloshing back & forth. There was a 5.8 earthquake hit at 11:40 am. in Chino Hills.

    It was a little rumble that built to a jolt and then a descending roll....about a total of 10 seconds. "Shake it up, baby!"

    It's been a while since I've felt any kind of shaking around here, even though small ones happen daily. It's just a kind of neat phenomena, when it doesn't escalate higher. Hopefully it was just a "burp" from Mother Nature and pressure has been relieved. Another exciting day in SoCal.

    My dog was acting weird, but she acts weird all the time, so she was no good for forewarning us.

    It made me just a tiny bit dizzy at the end of the 10 seconds or so.

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    I was outside messing around in our garden during the quake and didn't feel it. My daughter was in the house and she said it was a pretty strong rolling motion. Nothing fell but the lights hanging from the ceiling were really swinging around.

    We have a pet macaw that we've had for 25 years. She jumped down off her perch seconds before the quake hit. She never does that, it was as if she knew it was coming. Our dogs didn't seem to notice. They only pay attention to things that involve food.
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    About 12 or 13 years ago I was in the desert in 29 Palms when a pretty good sized quake hit (I think I remember seeing on TV later that bridges and roads had cracked/collapsed in other parts of California). I had never experienced a quake before and it was the weirdest feeling. At first I thought I was having a dizzy spell, then I realized that the ground was literally undulating under my feet. It felt like I was standing on a water bed. Out in the middle of the desert there no buildings or anything to worry about, so it was really kind of cool. I would not have wanted be downtown though.
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    Jones, I believe that was the Lander's Quake and it shook us good in Mission Viejo too.
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    I was thinking about you and More today when I heard the news here in NorCal. Glad you are all OK. Any other SoCal BCers have a story?
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    Sorry about that. Miscalculation on my part.

    Human cannon ball lol blooper

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    That's a huge Number (7.6) I'm amazed that they are so far saying no major damage or death....

    Big earthquake hits Mexico, no major damage reported - Yahoo! News